E-commerce is a very lively topic these days.

Frankly, before the popularization of e-commerce, individual people and small businesses alike didn’t have any way to sell their products and services online outside of sites like eBay.

But now, things have changed, and everyone can pretty much sell anything they wish straight from their own website.

This is where you – the designer – come into the picture.

Building a quality e-commerce site requires you to align a number of important elements, and make the whole thing clear to the buyers, as well as to the site owners – your clients (so that they can manage the site effectively).

One of such elements is good navigation and good representation of various site elements.

In other words, you need some quality e-commerce icons.

So without further ado, this is exactly what we have for you here. Today’s freebie pack consists of 37 high-quality e-commerce icons. These are all vector graphics, and they come in all the formats you’d expect: EPS, AI, PNG and SVG.

The designs are very minimal, which is a nice bonus. The key to using those icons properly is to think how they can help the buyer along their way from product listing, to shopping cart, to checkout.

In a scenario like that, basically, the more minimal the icon is, the more helpful it can be to the client, and the less distracting at the same time.

The icons come from ecomm.design. You can use them for personal as well as commercial purposes.

E-commerce Icons Preview


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