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Prevalently, it is hard to neglect the significance of search engines. If you are an internet user, for example, you find yourself visiting various search engines such as Google to surf for what you need. In rare circumstances, you will find yourself remembering the URLs you were using, and therefore searching for something that you need is your only option.

As a result, Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) come in handy. They provide bulk and relevant information regarding rankings, businesses, and keywords.

Nevertheless, extracting this data manually can be a bit challenging. This means that you need a tool to help you with scraping the information. One of the tools you can use is SERPStack.

Let’s have a critical look at this tool in this SERPStack review. Shall we?

What is SERP?

SERP or rather Search Engine Result Page is the resulting page that displays when we search for a specific phrase, keyword, or phrase on any search engine.

Regardless of the search engine used, a SERP must always display. The difference is the results since search engines use different systems and algorithms to plump the top results.

Most internet users do not go beyond the first few results, with over 70% concentrating on the first page. This makes every website’s aim to rank on the first page of the SERP. And since the competition to rank on the first page has become stiff, businesses have resulted in spending thousands to coagulate their position.

Indeed, businesses need to understand more about SERP, and the kind of websites or pages rank well so that they can use the right techniques to rank well.

Gathering the results manually can be a bit challenging; making businesses use a scraping tool. The tool finds data quickly and easily that businesses can use for their various uses such as coming up with the right strategies. 

What is SERPStack?

SERPStack is a stool used for scraping – provides accurate information in real-time. Although the tool mainly supports Google users, it has established itself as a global scraping tool as it also supports other search engines.

The tool uses a network of proxies and proprietary scraping technology to retrieve data from search engines.

What Can SERPStack Do?

SERPStack finds information for you in a reliable and quick manner. It’s a scraping tool that fetches results of several search options including:

  • Web Results

SERPStack provides results for any web search, including traditional web results. Since the internet is all about the written content, the ability for SERPStack to provide such results plays a vital role. You rank well when you have written content on your page. 

  • Images Results 

When your page has images, it gets lower bounce rates and more engagements. Furthermore, infographics’ success has made it vital for companies to have the desire to know how companies rank. Since SERPStack provides this data, it plays an essential role in making businesses rank well.

  • Videos Results 

As we are all aware, YouTube is the second largest search engine, but still users use Google to search for video content. SERPStack provides results for video content too. And since we can monetize and optimize videos, businesses that look to make a mark in the industry benefit from the data from SERPStack

  • News Results 

Newspapers are not a thing of the past. Currently, most people get news from Google – which has a news section – and various news websites.

The news section filters pages that don not contain news and only shows pages that are news-worthy. Such information can help businesses know the kind of articles that are regarded as news so that they can come up with PRs and newsworthy information.

Additionally, the information helps websites, especially those that come up with breaking news to rank top and dethrone competition.

  • Shopping Results

The internet is currently acting as a bog store where people and industries tend to buy and sell nearly everything ranging from furniture to animals to electronics to clothing. Renowned stores such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay may not have much to worry about, but the upcoming and growing small e-commerce stores require the information to reach more customers beating competition.

Now that some stores – selling the same product at the same rate – find this information very important, their only difference depends on their SEO ranking and customer services as buyers trust websites that rank well on search engines. 

Further, SERPStack can support questions and sponsored ads. 

SERPStack Features

Here are some of SERPStack’s main features:

  • Scalable

If search engines’ tools were not scalable, then they couldn’t be relevant as such. This is because thousands of searches are performed every second and the number reaches more corners as it grows more and more.

A tool is a failure if it cannot handle a growing number of users. As far as SERPStack is concerned, such is not a significant concern because SERPStack is highly scalable without any queues or waiting lines.

You can search as many searches as you want, and the system will never buffer. It always handles the load. 

  • Real Results 

SERPStack is able to imitate human behavior, hence the results are reliable. You will get exactly what you will see if you search Google for a specific keyword.

  • Fast

SERPStack takes only a few milliseconds to perform a search and provide the relevant results. You, therefore, don’t have to wait for a report to generate. It’s always there right away.  

  • Integration

When it comes to SERPStack, integration has never been a concern. You can, therefore, start right away without any limitations when using custom devices, languages, locations, etc. 

  • Security

Online security has become delinquent as a result of a large number of fraudsters and hackers. This is one of the main featured factors by SERPStack. SERPStack uses bank-grade 256-bit SSL Encryption meaning all the data sent and received through any site is safe. This ensures that your online privacy is not compromised.

SERPStack Pros and Cons

Below are some of the main leads and shortcomings of the SERPStack tool.


  • Safety of data
  • The tool is freely available
  • The tool is suitable for all kinds of businesses as a result of its scalability.
  • Easy to use, reliable and fast


  • Cover search engines only

SERPStack Prices

You can get SERPStack for free. Unfortunately, if you’re serious about extracting information, then a free version of SERPStack – comes with a 100 searches per month – may not be enough.

You should therefore consider purchasing a paid package if you’re stern about data research. The packages differ in terms of their price and the volume they can search. All of these packages come with proxy networks, global locations, Google Search API, no rate limit, HTTPS encryption, search types, premium support, and JSON & CSV.

If you want to save money, consider signing up for a whole year. You can also get in touch with the company to get customized quote. 


We love what SERPStack is capable of doing. Since it is a free tool, I would recommend that you try it and if the service pleases you, then go for the premium package.

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