14 Good-to-go Free Business Cards Templates

Business cards have been and still are important elements of a brand identity, and employees all over the world still use them because they can come quite in handy from time to time, although we are in the era of technology, computers and phones.

Some time ago we showed you a great showcase of inspirational business cards you can look at if you want to design your own, but what if there is no time for that?

Well, we have a solution for this situation too. We browsed throughout the web and found lots of good-to-go free business cards templates – and without further adieu, here they are:

List of 14 Good-to-go Free Business Cards Templates

Spark Business Card

This sleek design combines contrasting colors to help the text grab one’s attention. The sizing and positioning of the logo ensures that your brand is displayed well. This Spark business card has hints of minimalism with not so common positioning that help to highlight important elements, like your name or company title.

Home Appliances Business Card

This first example is actually very nice, because it has a classic style, combines several colors and it seems the font that is recommended here in the previews fits perfectly to the general style. Moreover, there is a designated placed for a product image (where, in fact, you can have everything else you want to), while the back of the card shows the whole logo of the company. This would be a very good choice.

Creative Corporate Business Card

This one also comes in a quite nice style and you can combine different colors here as well. Most likely two complementary colors would work fine together, but I think you can even go “flat” with the design and play with some colors of this kind, if this is how your brand identity looks like.

Creative & Elegant Corporate Business Card

This third one comes in a classic design and the combination of the colors and texture works fine. I think this would be a very good match for programmers or construction workers, as it seems like it is a very rough design, but you can always work with the texture and make it smoother, so it fits other profiles as well.

Simple & Modern Corporate Business Card

Although a very simple one, this is not a simplistic design. I actually like the texture that is used on the background very much, because I think it is a good match for a business card. There seems to be enough space for all kinds of information and lots of space for the logo on the back – you don’t need more than that.

Exclusive Business Card

If you want something extremely simple, this one is the best choice for you. A texture on the background and information on the front, and the logo on the back should be really fine for your needs in case you don’t have a brand identity yet and you don’t want to spend too much time working on it right now either.

Modern Business Card

Another very nice design is this sixth example and I actually believe this is one of the best ones. The contrast of colors from background and front works very well here, as well as the combination of colors on the front, with the thick line on top of the card. There are unlimited solutions with this business card template, you only need imagination.

Crispy Business Card

In case your company has no brand identity yet, you can definitely use this business card because it has a simple design and it matches everything. To be honest, I think it actually works if you already have a design, especially because it is so simple.

Blue Business Card

What I like about this one is actually the fact that is very simple and works with every combination of colors. Also, you can try to change the background texture to something else as well, as long as you keep the same style.

Seextwood Business Card

This is one of the few business cards I have seen which are designed with flat colors in and in a flat style. It works very well with big fonts. I like it because business cards should follow the latest trends on the web, but many don’t. Well, this one does and as you can see, it looks very professional and well designed.

Clean Business Card PSD

If you want something more elegant, then this one is the template that you might want to try. You might find some issues when trying to include the logo in case you want to stick with the default color, but if you have something simple, I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

Clean & Creative Corporate Business Card

Another one that you might want to look at is this one and why I like it is because it seems like a good combination of textures and important elements that you need to have on a business card.

Globe Corporate Business Card

Lots of white space and relatively big headlines, these are two of the principles of minimalistic design, which don’t only work for web, but also for print. This business card works very well and you might want to give it a try in case your web identity is based on minimalistic principles.

Curled Corner Business Card

I also like this one because of the nice 3D effect on the top right corner on the front side, and I believe it would work better without the big letters on the back. I actually think it would work best only with the logo and the main brand color, but that is up to you.

Looking at all the examples above, it should be much easier now to have your own business card. All of the examples above can be downloaded in PSD, so you can modify them yourself, then the only thing you need to do is print them out or have somebody do it for you. However, with the hard work being already done, you just need to go out there and do the easy part: give your business card to your contacts, so they can always reach you.

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Christian Vasile is an enthusiastic Romanian web designer currently living in Denmark. You can follow him on Twitter at @christianvasile or visit his web portfolio at christianvasile.com.

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