Zenscrape Re-Imagines The Scraping API

Business today is living at the dawn of the age of Big Data. Moving forward, being able to extract data from the Internet will be increasingly critical for many businesses. 

Done well, data harvesting offers the opportunity for companies to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors while positioning the business for growth. By conducting research, using data harvesting techniques, your business can gain access to up-to-date information on your industry, on your competitors and new entrants, indeed, any important topic.

Why Big Data Is Becoming Important For Your Business

When your business has timely, up-to-date data at its fingertips, it can access insights into market trends as they emerge. This dials up your businesses competitiveness in your industry.

With fresh intelligence on what’s happening in the market, your business can respond to trends and changes in your marketplace, attracting new customers, retaining your existing customer base whilst minimizing customer erosion to competitors.

The technology powering the Big Data trend is becoming increasingly accessible, which is why now using Zenscrape’s scraping API even small businesses can become data-driven when making marketing and product decisions to boost revenue performance.

Hence, data extraction via a scraping API is a critical skill set for companies building their brand around quality, price and competitiveness.

What Is A Web Scraping API?

Web scraping or data crawling described the process of extracting data from the Internet and importing it in file format or a spreadsheet. Using a web scraping API enables a business to extract data from key repositories and website pages.

A web scraping API copies content from selected web pages and delivers that raw content in a structured format ready to be saved and stored for further analysis.

Hence a web scraping API application programming interface is an easy-to-use intermediary enabling one set of software to talk to another set of webpage software.

Scaling Website Scraping Using An API

Economies of scale are always a major concern for businesses looking to build new Internet-based capabilities.

Instead of having a team member person sitting at their computer visiting individual websites, then copying and pasting the data, and absorbing vast amounts of time in the process, a website scraping API code can do the work for you at a fraction of the cost.

Similarly, not all websites are equal. Many have extremely strict restrictions when it comes to allowing access from unknown IP addresses. So, not only do you need to take the head hours out of scraping via automation, you need a solution with built-in IP rotation to avoid these restrictions.

Zenscrape’s scraping API handles all the problems relating to web scraping. Now, extracting HTML-based data from websites has never been so easy!

Capturing Leads

With, Zenscrape’s scraping API, you can scrape for useful information. If you are looking for information about competitor product pricing, you can adjust your APS’s scraping parameters to target data that meets that criteria. Same goes for collecting contact information and generating sales leads.

The parameters you assign a scraping project can be quite specific. You can scrape the Internet for social media links, including LinkedIn links that match your key phrases. Zenscrape’s API can also amass email addresses and phone numbers using pre-set keywords and phrases as its primary search parameters.

As you can identify information across the Internet in a contextual way, analyzing your assembled data similarly becomes easier. Zenscrape’s API can sort leads based on relevance, providing you with the capability to target your new leads effectively. 

You can do a deep dive into your scraped data too. You can restrict your data scrape data to business’ social media pages. Similarly, people frequently share contact information on their social media pages. These are all potential customers just waiting to be approached!

Why Adopt Zenscrape’s API?

Zenscrape’s scraping API offers lightning-fast speed together with customized API support. The service uses 25+ million rotating IP’s to provide a seamless user experience, which ensures you will never be blocked from accessing information from high-value websites.

Advantages Of Zenscrape’s API And Why People Use It

Many businesses are adopting Zenscrape’s web scraping API. If you need to access the same data, from the same source, then Zenscrape’s API is the perfect solution for your data needs. 

A web scraping API is one of the most efficient ways to extract data from the Internet and to direct that data to a data repository. Popular uses of Zenscrape’s data scraping API include:

  • Research for business intelligence and web content development: Disparate data can be channeled into a single repository streamlining your business intelligence efforts. Crawling allows a business to take unstructured data from multiple sources and structure it within a single feed. This is particularly useful where you have multiple websites controlled by different entities.
  • Fast-tracking market research: The most common use of data scraping is retrieving content from a single source. By far the easiest way to copy that information from a data-rich web page onto your computer in a structured format is via data scraping. Identify a list of useful contacts on Twitter and import that data using data scraping. You’ll soon discover how simple the process is and how it meshes seamlessly with your daily work
  • Outputting XML feeds to third party sites: Feeding product information from your e-Commerce website site to Google Shopping and other third party retailers is one of the most powerful applications of data scraping. Zenscrape’s data scraping API allows you to automate the usually laborious and time-intensive process of updating your product details. Seriously helpful if you rotate your stock frequently
  • Highlight best selling products: Using your webs scraping feed, you can tag your highest converting products on a daily basis and share that information with Google Adwords. This ensures you bid more competitively on high-yield, high-potential products. Once set it up it’s automated. Having control over a flexible feed delivers enhanced online advertising campaign improvements, which clients love.

Data scraping has an extensive range of applications. It’s demonstrating its usefulness in almost every instance where data needs to be moved from one website place to another.


  • Lightning-fast response times
  • Infrastructure can handle 3,000,000 requests per customer a month
  • Easy to use returns a JSON object containing the HTML markup of the target website
  • Sustained performance regardless of how many requests you submit
  • Covers both standard proxies and premium proxies
  • Supported frameworks ensure websites using React, Vue or similar front-end frameworks don’t hinder your scraping requests
  • IP rotation ensures you are never blocked again!
  • You get exactly what the website users see
  • Concierge onboarding for paid plans
  • Free plan available for small monthly requests


  • Free plan is self-servicing only

Final Observation

Data scraping is rapidly emerging as a ‘must-have’ piece of kit for every business. Its importance is likely to continue growing over the next few years. Zenscrape’s web scraping API offers an affordable, easy-to-use solution that takes the hassle out of webs scraping while its IP Rotation functionality ensures your requests are never blocked.

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