Top 10 Quality website design ideas to enhance your brand

If you are one of those skeptics who think that all website designs are the same, just visit a site like Facebook or check out a hosted site on Yahoo. You’ll quickly realize that web design matters a lot. It plays a momentous role in alluring visitors to your site and gradually converting them into customers.

Top 10 Quality website design ideas to enhance your brand

Picking an affordable website design style for the website is based on many different factors. This includes brand identity, color schemes client preferences and purpose of the site. However, there is no definite choice. In fact, a mixture of some of these styles can also be quite effective.

Some of the most creative web design you can consider are:

Pragmatism:  Realism in web design is one of the important pieces of modern software, applications, websites, presentations, etc. It is all about including realistic website icons into the website design. They help the users to get a quick initial of what business is and what their products or services are. Such icons should be placed on website homepage to be noticeable at once.

Transparency:  It includes placing the text on the top of the image. It lets you make text easy enough to read whilst allowing some of the image to show through.

Caricatures and Illustrations: Not just for the children, pictures can liven up and bring excitement to a site for everybody. Using bold images with brilliant colors quickly grab the attention of the viewers. Options are only limited by the skill and imagination of designer. Pictures, Infographics, cartoons, graphs all are viable possibilities.

Outline and Texture: Using different textures or patterns help you elicit feeling and emotion. For instance, a sandy texture triggers thoughts of vacation, whereas various textures can add depth and interest to the background of your design.

Advanced typography:  A right typography can do wonders for the readability of your site. It is an art form that can be used as a prominent feature to draw the attention in your design.

Grunge: Though it appears little disorganized and messy, it can be appealing to a certain demographic and complement well with other various brands.

Theoretical: It is a very creative art form that allows the design an unlimited freedom of expression. It may be a visually pleasing expression of color and form. With such freedom you get the opportunity to create something stunning and memorable.

Nature: This feature can be used to indicate a site that is down to earth or organic. It may sound irrelevant in some cases but if you are creative enough, it may help you drop down bounce rates.

Retro: This style in website design can be used to capture nostalgia for the good old days. You can use it effectively to bring up images from the past visitors or to tie into deep emotions and memories.

These are few of the many styles that allow designers to express their creativity. Evaluating them can surely help you enhance the websites you are working on.

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Ryan Holman is working with website designing company since last few years. He is sharing some important attributes too for designing an effective website which can ultimately provide benefit to the company or organization itself.

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