20 Super App-presenting Websites

We have mentioned many times here that the Internet is evolving and sooner or later a new “revolution” will come into scene. The main idea is that the Internet turned from an important entity into an indispensable one. The scenario where the user is standing in front of a desktop to visit various websites is outdated. Nowadays, the Internet is wireless and a smartphone, a watch or a tablet is all one needs to check the mail and the Facebook stream.

The designers are satisfied with this context, since their work became more and more important. Altogether, there is another discrete shift, from websites to applications. It’s nothing wrong to consider an app as an “optimized website” for handheld devices, but under these circumstances, the web designers should change their identity, from website creators to app creators. Fortunately or not, on the short term we will continue to create websites, but on the long term the perspective almost clearly shows that the situation will be different. Responsive design is a much coined term and the extensive use diluted its value.

Still, it represents the beginning of a new era and no one may precisely determine what the future will look like. A place where apps and websites are combined together are the app-presenting websites. The marketplaces are full of good applications and it’s very difficult to market an app. One of the best modality to present an app to the potential users is to create a website for it. I guess that any average Internet user enjoyed such a website. In the next lines, I will delight your eyes with 20 wonderful app-presenting websites.


I am not sure if this app is ethical or not, but the website dedicated to presenting it is wonderful. The app is destined for singles and it helps them to start conversations. If you expect lots of red hearts or quotations about love, then you are wrong. It’s a one-page website that will impress with the sliding effects, the abundance of negative space and the very to the point content.


Wander World is an app destined for the tourists. It allows taking & sharing photos and creating a timeline of the travel. The app presenting the website is really wonderful. Instead of text, the creators preferred to emphasize the visual aspect and create a cool story to better understand the app idea. The illustrations and the movement effects are extraordinary. I guess that the single downside of this website is the length of the story; the user must scroll down way too much.


Getbarhop is a great website presenting an app for iOS devices. I appreciate very much their direct style! On the homepage, there is an image showcasing the app after which, the users will get to learn more about its purpose and features. It’s impossible not to appreciate the bold typography and the clear images.


Everyone wants to keep the finances under control, but it’s pretty difficult to do this, which is why an app serving this purpose would be a good solution. Spendee is an app that allows monitoring the finances and its website wonderfully presents the manner in which it works. The animation effects from the smartphone framework are very suggestive and it will help a lot the potential users.


Pomodrone presenting website is a pure flat one and it was designed to inform people about the app in the most concise way. In six webpages, the creators describe very well the application so everyone would be aware of its utility.

Future Father


Partially, this website shouldn’t have been inserted into this list, but the cool design and the interesting idea of the app almost “forced” me to add it here. It’s about an app that will be launched soon (it doesn’t specify a clear date) and it is destined to improve the father-son relationship. The precise methods are still unclear, but it sounds as an interesting idea.


I guess that the name of this website is self-explanatory. Well, it might happen for you not to understand it, but once you visit the website, it’s impossible not to get the idea behind this concept. The app and the website are really funny so I really recommend to visit it in order to see an original app presenting website.

Do It (Tomorrow)

I like this website very much because it’s simple and very effective. The truth is that an app planer can’t be too complicated and there is no need of a lot of content to explain the use of such an app. The website is very interactive and it gives the viewer the possibility to enjoy the app in the browser (of course, it has a very limited use).


This app is dedicated to the concert goers. The idea is that the flash effects are really annoying and it will be great to avoid these. The app seems to resolve this fact and by using it the user has the possibility of taking photos and videos without annoying other people. If the app works as the website looks, then it will be a bestselling one!


When you make a promise to yourself, it’s very easy to give up, but when many other people are aware of it, there is the possibility that you will fulfill it. This is the idea of Promishare, a very interesting app. Therefore, taking into account the great website, the quality pictures used and the interesting content, I believe that the users will be convinced to use the app!


This app presenting website is pure flat, therefore it will be much enjoyed by people. Every aspect reveals that the designers planned everything ahead, which clearly shows that the app is well-done.


We all heard about photos-sharing networks, but none of us heard about emotions-sharing networks. Don’t you agree? Wifeel is an app destined for sharing photos that have a strong effect over the moral of the viewers. The designers of the website smartly selected a black and white simple layout for presenting the app…in this way any clutter that the visitor may have is ousted.


Maybe you aren’t very interested in downloading an app for setting goals, but once you visit Be Visionare, I guess that you will change your mind. The wonderful illustrations and animations will make you smile and at the end you will definitely download the app.


The idea of this website isn’t very original, it’s a single page one that follows the pattern of a common app presenting website. Still, the images used are awesome, especially the one from the header. Without any doubt, it captivates the attention of the viewers.


A time converter app is always useful, especially if you have customers from other countries and you don’t like calculating. If you are unsure about the necessity of such an app, by visiting Miranda presenting websites, you will definitely install it, due to its cool design. I highly appreciate the big and clarifying images and the concise content.

Facebook Groups

There are some cases when images are worth more than 100 or even 1000 words. Facebook Groups is a very solid evidence to support this idea. Instead of complicated texts about Facebook universe, the creators preferred to use very suggestive images and just few lines of content. Personally, I think that it was a good idea. What do you think?


I guess that black and white app presenting websites are very rare; anyway An.thony is one of these. I like very much the simplicity of the website; it contains just few words and a nice background.

I am Astronaut

Clearly, this is one of the most interesting websites from this list. I have no clue if you are passionate about astronomy, but once you visit this website, it’s a great chance that you will download the app just because the website presenting is really wonderfully designed.

Why you love Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s better to be prepared for this holiday, therefore you should install this app on your smartphone. The presenting website is created by design specialists, so it’s extremely probable that the app is cool, too.

I hope that you liked the above websites. I was surprised to observe that the huge majority of app presenting websites represent one page constructions and many of them even look alike. Still, there are many wonderful creations and the above list is formed only from top quality online presences.

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This article has been written by Daniel Pintilie, a freelance writer working for eWebDesign and Designmodo.

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