Introducing Iubenda’s Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator for Websites and Apps

The internet is like a constantly evolving landscape. Governments around the world have been surprisingly slow in bringing the computer into the heart of what they do, and it took some time before anyone in government seriously entertained the notion that computers would one day underpin our whole society. Now that we live in the age of mass communications, it is clear how integral the internet in particular is to our day to day lives. Accordingly, the last decade has seen a plethora of different regulations bought in around the world meaning that many sites find themselves regularly running afoul of some of the more exotic standards that exist.

In many cases, these regulations are for good reasons; we want to know that our banking and social media information is kept private for example, and so it is good to know that websites are in compliance with the law. Legal compliance can be broken down into four distinct categories;

  1. Privacy Law
  2. Cookie Law
  3. Terms and conditions and related requirements
  4. Continuous Compliance

It might sound daunting; having to understand four different areas of the law, which no doubt will involve the deciphering of a lot of legalese, but the alternative is facing potentially thousands of dollars’ worth of fines! That’s the kind of legal trouble that can sink a fledgling business and put a serious dent in others.

Trying to take on all of that yourself is difficult, but as always, for those of you that are smart there is another way – iubenda.

We have achieved success with our advanced software based solutions to these problems, and we bring this approach together with our own renowned legal team who know the law inside and out. We offer our customers the most professional level of service, giving them everything they need to be confident that they are meeting all their obligations regarding internet regulation compliance.

We achieve what we do through a method that is as effective as it is simple; our software allows us to construct a policy, based on a database of over 500 premade clauses which often feature in regulatory texts. We also give you the tools and knowhow to be able to modify the policy you set up so that it is completely adaptable to future developments.

In addition to its role in ensuring compliance with regulations, iubenda also serves as an analytical tool. It can help you put together a cookie banner, a text box at the top of the page which contains a mandated legal disclaimer regarding cookies, for those countries that require one. It also comes with a suite of pre-installed routines for analyzing data related to cookies on your website and can help you achieve a detailed understanding of your visitors’ data.

Once we’ve sold you the service, we will continue to offer our support, never be in any doubt that we will not be on hand whenever required to help you ensure that you remain compliant with all applicable laws. You can even obtain a 10% discount by buying through this link.

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