Teamstack: Team-as-a-Service Provider with Convenient and Secure Solutions

Innovative technologies are known to help startups and businesses to scale. And Teamstack is ideal for companies that are interested in consistent growth, getting enterprise-grade consultancy and migration support.

The world, in this 21st century, now keenly depends on technology for high-end, seamless connectivity. Most businesses run on high-end connectivity between consumers and other companies and the success of their day-to-day activities are determined by the everyday applications they use. 

Hence, a little breach in security or performance on these applications on which they run would ruin business activities and productivity. However, with innovative technology such as Teamstack, startups and businesses can utilize fully secure technology with multi-factor authentication to connect with people. 

Here is a review on Teamstack detailing how the team-as-a-service software works, its cutting-edge features, and several others. 

What is Teamstack?

Teamstack is an easy-to-use solution for cloud identity management that helps to connect teams across different parts of the globe. The innovative solution is backed by high-end security and unique design for users to take control of identity management.

Teamstack currently empowers more than 750 modern teams globally, allowing them to take charge of their identity and connecting with teammates securely. The identity management solution comes with pre-built integration providing multi-factor authentication.

The software gives room for convenience with the users with a high level of security. Teamstack is designed to help businesses grow their team seamlessly by automating identity management for web, mobile and legacy apps. The cloud identity management solution supports more than 500 favourite applications used by startups and businesses across various industries.

Teamstack allows users to take advantage of secure connection without compromising convenience. The pre-built integrations offer single sign-on and one-click user provisioning, and it also supports passwordless sign in to several applications with multi-factor authentication.

The cloud identity management software is ideal for growing companies. Also, with Teamstack, freelancers, startups, and digital agencies can build, promote and hire digital teams globally. There is a self-service setup that enables users to drive their ideas and get high-level consultancy and migration support without a requirement for change in the software stack.

The cloud identity management solution saves time and friction when new user accounts are being created. Teamstack allocates the access rights to interact with other cloud apps from the company. The company is headquartered in Austria, and it built Teamstack to heighten efficiency among users as they seamlessly work together on the identity management platform. 

Key features of Teamstack

Teamstack is cloud identity management platform that is easy-to-use for the integration of day-to-day applications. The platform is designed to afford users some convenience without compromising security. The team-as-a-service solution provides freelancers, startups, and digital agencies the opportunity to build, promote and hire digital teams globally.

Here are some of the cutting-edge features of Teamstack:

  • Cloud Directory: the cloud directory is a single, secure place to manage all your users and groups created on the Teamstack platform or the ones imported from other sources. It comes with a safe cloud directory, real-time synchronization, customizable user and group profiles, and user lifecycle management.
  • One-Click Provisioning: this innovative feature allows the Teamstack to optimize and improve user management across the day-to-day applications integrated on the platform. The feature increases security, reduces IT complexity, streamlines onboarding and off-boarding, and comes with automated group-based application provisioning. The One-Click Provisioning fosters single source of user identity and visibility into user access.
  • Single Sign-On: this is a unique, intuitive way for users to access all their applications from the identity management’s dashboard or even through a browser extension. This feature helps to increase productivity, reduces IT overheads, and tightening security. It also enables users to use a browser extension such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge Browser, Brave Browser, and Yandex Browser. The Single Sign-On feature also affords users to interact with the application dashboard such as Mail Apps, Telecom Apps, Marketing Apps, and Software Development Apps.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Teamstack allows users to strength their passwords against cybercrime cases. Teamstack’s Multi-Factor Authentication supports multiple factor types such as WebAuthn (FIDO2), TOTP (Google Authenticator), SMS Code, Security Questions and Recovery Codes. The MFA enforcement policy is also based on several things such as Geo-location, IP Whitelist, IP Blacklist and Biometrics. The MFA also prevent s unauthorized access and triggers context-based denials.
  • Form-Based Applications: Form-Based Applications use credentials to authenticate against the application to log in. With Teamstack, credentials are automatically pasted and managed to reduce risk.
  • SAML Applications: SAML Applications authenticate users’ identity in Teamstack and then transfer it to the service provider. The passwordless features require no password renewals, no weak passwords and no forgotten passwords. It ultimately reduces risk and optimizes productivity.

Pricing plans of Teamstack

The cloud identity software has four distinct pricing plans. The pricing plans are structured to make it convenient for all types of users according to their needs and budgets. Below are the details of the pricing plans: 

  • Free Plan: this is a free plan for an organization to try Teamstack. It is free for up to 5 users featuring Single Sign-On, multiple devices, 1 SAML Application, 4 FBA Applications, and Basic Multi-Factor Authenticator.
  • Basic Plan: this is a standard package that costs $3 per user/month. It allows up to 25 users, 5 SAML Applications, 50 FBA Applications, Single Sign-On, basic supports and compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Some unique add-ons are also available for extra cash.
  • Professional Plan: This plan features advanced identity management tools with prioritized customer support. The plan goes for $4 per user/month. The software allows up to 200 users, 20 SAML Applications, 100 FBA Applications, Single Sign-On, priority technical support and compatible with both desktop, mobile devices. Some unique add-ons are also available for extra cash.
  • Enterprise Plan: This enterprise plan gives room for custom pricing, which allows users to tailor the package to suit their needs. It features unlimited users, unlimited SAML Applications, unlimited FBA Applications, Single Sign-On, dedicated technical support and compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. The plan also covers service-level agreement, extensive audit, custom security policy, and custom solutions. 


Teamstack is an innovative cloud identity management tool that enables freelancers, startups and enterprises build, promote and grow their businesses. With the integration of day-to-day applications through Teamstack, businesses can seamlessly connect with their teams across the globe.

Teamstack is backed by high-end security and unique design for users to take control of identity management. The innovative solution features different pricing plans that make it convenient for potential users to subscribe for the best plan that suits their needs and budgets.

More importantly, the cloud identity management solution saves time and make it easy for new user accounts to be created. The team-as-a-service software also comes access rights for users to interact with other cloud apps from the company.

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