Flat, minimal, understandable.

Those are the three words that characterize any quality web interface, especially when it comes to navigation.

And please don’t get me wrong, I like rich designs just as much as the next guy. But for navigation … this just doesn’t always work out.

Most of all, the main task of good navigation is to make the interface easy to grasp even for the first-time visitors. Also, the navigation elements – be it in a web app or a website – can’t draw too much attention to themselves. Let’s keep in mind that all navigation is only there to make the user’s path easier on their way to the actual content.

Finally, we have flat design. Even though “flat” isn’t a mandatory element for all web navigation projects, designs of that type tend to make things simpler and more compatible across different devices.

That’s where the icon pack that we have for you today comes into play.

Inside, you’ll find 50 high-quality minimal/outline web navigation icons. Everything available as .PNG and .SVG formats.

Best of all, the pack is free.

The icons illustrate all sorts of navigation-related things, not just focusing on the obvious. There are download icons, microphone icons, lists, location markers, speakers, browser icons, bookmarks, share icons, alarms, and many more.

Like I mentioned above, the style of the designs is as minimal as it gets – simple (yet beautiful) outlines and flat design.

The icons come from Freepik.com. You can use them for all personal and commercial purposes. Attribution needed (you can credit the original creator by adding: “design by Freepik.com”).

Web Navigation Icons Preview


Download Here