20 Fresh and Beautiful Weather App Concepts

The “revolution” of mobile apps took by storm the majority of the designers. Nowadays, it’s simple to say that it was something expected. In reality, many designers were reticent because of the high prices of the first apps…yeah, the first apps were very expensive. Still, the design world managed to adapt to this new challenge. I think that the majority of the apps are looking good. In the future these will look even greater if we take into account the current trends. More and more designers are trying their luck by creating app concepts. We recently published a post showcasing 20 attractive magazine news app concepts and our readers highly appreciated the idea. Consequently, we created another list of app concepts for you, this time about weather apps.

The weather apps are highly appreciated by the designers; this fact is sustained by the huge number of concepts published on various galleries. Of course, selecting only 20 items was a difficult job, but at the same time very pleasant – I admired so many interesting design works. As a joke, you aren’t a designer unless you designed a weather app concept! Enjoy these good looking weather app concepts and please let us know your opinion about them!

Weather App Concept by Anastasia Ageeva

Would you imagine a weather app that will make you smile? Well, I didn’t have any idea how to create such an app. Anastasia Ageeva is a designer that created an amazing app concept. She used the power of illustrations to let the users know the weather forecast, but at the same time to make them smiling. The nice characters are dressed according to the wheatear and the users may inspire from them.

Forecast Weather App Concept

This concept is looking as an “average” app weather. The icons are big and intuitive while the color scheme (black and yellow) assures a powerful contrast. This approach (big icons, powerful contrast) creates the best environment for any type of user, including the ones in hurry that don’t have time to carefully check the smartphone.

Hora App by Vova Bykov

The creator of this app name it very smart –Hora, not another weather app. He is right; Hora is a standing apart concept even though the market is full of weather apps. I like very much this app because the designer treated each pixel with special care; there is no abatement from the highest design standards. What do you think, am I right?

Weather Fashion App Concept

I think that this concept would be a great success if someone put it into practice. Women will appreciate it much more than men. The main idea of the app is that it shows the temperature and the weather forecast, but it also suggests to the user how to dress accordingly. I am very curious about the opinion of the ladies…isn’t it that you like the idea?

Weather App by Shilpi Mishra

This concept is interesting, too. The huge majority of the wheater app concepts are very sophisticated. The author of this concept gives up to the modernism and prefers to add some handdrawn icons. It’s an unusual approach, but the result is pleasant.

Red Umbrela

Red Umbrella concept gives a note of joy and optimism due to the multitude of colors used. I guess that on rainy days such an app may offer the needed dose of optimism.

Weather App Windows Phone

This app concept is destined for Windows phones. I am sure that this design will be appreciated by Android and iOS users, too. The translucent background and the sophisticated icons are the most attractive items of this design work.

Climate by Ivy Garrenton

This app concept is unique; some weather applications are very complex while others are simple. It’s true that there are many in the middle solutions, but this app comes with a brilliant idea. It’s very simple –in the initial stage, it lets the user see the temperature. In the eventuality that the user needs more information, it’s enough a simple touch and it will be displayed more details and the weather forecast.

Cloudia by Sungi Kim

Cloudia is another unique app concept. The background is represented by some cool illustrations and these “small distractions” may have a positive effect for the ones working under high pressure.

Weather App by Webshocker

This work is created by a serious designer that wants to make people smile. The layout is pretty common, but the fonts and some icons are made from… milk or leaves. In conclusion, this app is both funny and elegant.

Weather & Time App

This app concept is my favorite. It’s very clean, everything is big and the values can be seen from distance, so the user won’t encounter any problem with the app even if he/she is on the go.

Weather App by Gabriel Nazoa

Minimal design is always appreciated and the app creators adapted this style for apps. As a result, we have here the first minimal weather app. I like it very much, but in this case it’s about each one style and preferences! Would you install such an app?

Weather App by Rahul Bhadauria

It looks modern, clean and sophisticated. There is nothing special, but the design is really top quality.

Flow – Mountain Weather App

This is an app concept that works in two modes: regular one and mountain mode. In the regular mode, it shows the current weather, the forecast and mountain information (snow level, trail maps). In the mountain mode the design is optimized for mountain conditions, including difficult light conditions.

Weather App by Ew Dot

This is another example that sustains the idea that simplicity has its special beauty. The big and modern typography is perfectly matching to the cool weather forecast graphics. Another factor that contributes to the aesthetics of the app is the nice contrast between the black color of the fonts and the bluish translucent background.

Weather App by Iaroslava Rizova

The interesting background of the app determined me to add it into this list. Another cool feature is the display of the weather forecast – intuitive and extremely good looking.


Elior Helos imagined a visually appealing weather app. It’s modern, good-looking, the interface is very intuitive and it looks futuristic. All these features will make many people to download and install.

Game of Thrones Weather App

I have no doubt that it is the most original concept. Still, I am not sure if the ones that don’t watch Games of Thrones appreciate this app. Instead, it’s certain that the fans will fell in love with this app. I think that you should check yourself the Behance presentation, it’s very interesting. The design is inspired from the movie, but also there are quotes as „Your Highness, the Sun is yours” when displaying the weather forecast.

Smart Watch Weather App

We can’t neglect the smartwatch apps and here we have an app concept for such a device. It’s simple and quite elegant. It comes in various color combinations, but all of them are very smart selected.

Weather App by Aurelien Guinard

The last item from this collection is a black and white app – it’s a very rare seen this colors combination for an app and I guess that many people will appreciate this idea.

Have you ever designed a weather app concept? If you do, then share it with us. Anyway, I hope that you like the app concepts exhibited here and maybe you get some inspiration from these for your next project.

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This article has been written by Daniel Pintilie, a freelance writer working for eWebDesign and Designmodo.

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