Be it for iOS or Android, the mobile app space has grown significantly all the way from an obscure niche, to a multi-million dollar market. It’s no wonder that countless developers try their strengths in an attempt to create the next big thing.

However, building a top-notch app is only the starting point. After that, you still need to be able to effectively present how to use it. And this is where the icon pack we have for you today comes into play!

There are 99 unique icons in this set. Available in .SVG (vectors) and .PNG formats.

Inside you will find icons illustrating different kinds of user interaction with a touch-screen and touch-based app (78 icons), plus 21 additional icons presenting user interaction with a mobile device.

This makes the icons the perfect tool for creating a “getting started guide” (app demo) for the App Store, Google Play, or even for your own product website. Something also worth noticing is that the icons are mostly grayscale with only minimal color. Because of this, you can easily adjust them to your own color scheme.

The pack was designed by, and it’s available for all personal or commercial purposes. The only requirement is attributing the original creator (a simple “design by” will suffice).

Touch interface icons preview


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