Free HTML Web UI Kits for Websites and Apps

Still looking for a way to make your development process more productive, qualitative, and of course, time-saving? Frantically trying to avoid monotonous routine of converting psd into html/css? Then our list of free HTML web UI kits for websites and apps will definitely awaken your interest.

Today we have gathered a special collection that is targeted at those who prefer to miss or at least, spend as little time as possible on such tasks. These packs include ready-to-use components that are ideal for constructing any web interface and boosting your prototyping. You will find all essential stuff.

Of course, these html/css web sets aren’t a panacea but they are an optimal solution for different people both professional and novice developers.

Free HTML Web UI Kits for creating new Websites and Apps Templates

Flat UI – The set is based on Twitter Bootstrap, so you won’t have any problems with responsiveness. Elegant color scheme in conjunction with flat style will easily turn your interface into something beautiful. The pack comprises a bunch of integral components.

Flat UI

jQuery UI Theme: Retro – The web developer leverages CSS3 techniques in order to recreate this GUI set. The kit is made in muted coloring and retro style. The pack includes various sliders, datepicker, progress bar, accordion, buttons, icons, tabs and dialogs.

jQuery UI Theme - Retro

HTML Version of Ui Kit of Abhimanyu Rana – This gorgeous set of standard web components was created by means of HTML and CSS. Each widget looks absolutely neat and clean. Although you will find only several elements, these will be enough for creating other essential items in this style.

HTML Version of Ui Kit of Abhimanyu Rana

ML Strap is another professional set of components made on a basis of Twitter Bootstrap. As usual, you will get only necessary interface elements painted in vibrant tones.

ML Strap

Futurico UI HTML – As the nameplate implies, the pack consists of ready-to-use components from popular Futurico GUI set. You can use both SASS and CSS versions.

Futurico UI HTML

Metro UI CSS 2.0 – As the nameplate implies, by using this kit you will be able to effectively recreate an interface inspired by Metro 8. This is an updated version.

Metro UI CSS 2

Effeckt is a specific UI library that mainly concentrates on animations and CSS3 transitions.


UI.css – This fantastic set of professional components includes buttons, various fields, sliders, etc. Each element has 2 standard states.


Bootmetro is another GUI set that is dedicated to Metro 8 style. It includes rectangular boxes and widgets, huge icons, and tiny typography.


Le Kit by Jan Vu Nam is a quite small pack that can be easily extended. You can use default styles in order to create any other functional components. The combination of black and yellow looks pretty enigmatic.

Le Kit by Jan Vu Nam

UI kit is a mega pack of vivid widgets that can be found in any project. The set is made with flat style in mind, so it fascinates users by its purity and neatness. You will find contact form, social widget, map and weather widgets and much more.

UI kit

Kimochi – Although this lightweight colorful kit works only with the latest versions of browsers, it is still able to offer something special for web developers. The pack includes numerous essential components starting from simple buttons and ending with standard functional boxes.


uikit is an advanced  and responsive modular front-end framework that is aimed to provide web developers with standard tools for building various web interfaces.


CSS3 Icons – This is a specific set that comprises only icons made by CSS3. The pack is quite useful since lightweight glyphs are essential elements of any web project. You will find more than 200 various icons.

CSS3 Icons

Flat Buttons – Much like the previous example, this set is unidirectional and is dedicated to buttons only. Here you will find different vibrant buttons for every purpose; each one is presented in 3 standard states.

Flat Buttons


Web kits especially HTML/CSS-based ui kits are real treasure troves. They dramatically maximize your chances of putting your idea into action quickly and rather effectively. Our list offers various sets of components. We have gathered massive and vice versa, minimal packs in order to expand your possibilities.

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