12 Gorgeous Travel Websites to Inspire You

I’ve traveled a lot this year: 3 continents, 21 countries and 9 months. I thought about writing about my past travels as well as having a place for my future trips. As I write this I am in a jet place going over to San Francisco to spend the New Years there. I don’t think extended travel is for everyone but taking a trip is; we all take vacation after all. Because of this, I wanted to see what was out there for get me inspirited and thinking about this travel site. Below I’ve gathered a list of 12 great looking designs that are travel related. Take a look and be awed, as they are really stunning. And, if you want to follow me as I roam the globe myself go follow me on Instagram.

Kamil Lehmann: Iceland

Kamil went on a trip to Iceland and this is the photo story he created for it. Scroll through these amazing photographs and you too will be taken there, if only just for a moment. (For real though.) Travel is all about capturing the moments, the new grounds and the overall experience and photography in this and any other travel site will be key. Kamil’s photo story also showcases exceptional use of minimal but large typography through out the whole page.

Y travel blog


This is a blog run by wife and husband who are traveling the world. They have been doing this for many years and they blog about where they are and their experiences. However, they also blog about travel tips in order to help and encourage others to travel. The page you see about is a landing page for their quick 12 step guide to getting around to travel. I love that their blog looks friendly and approachable rather than high-end and elegant like some other examples here. It’s nice because it sets an approachable tone.


Adventure is a website which helps you find adventures around the world. Whether it’s a walking tour in NYC or a road trip around China, this website helps to get you onto your own adventure no matter how big or small. The above screenshot is a of a Dribbble shot from Jessica Moon. The flow of the landing pages is marvelous; the photos are well chosen and well placed. The user flow of the webpage is easy to follow, inviting and engaging.

Wandering: city guides

Here is a website that looks a little different. The navigation is to the side, the content is organized in columns; it’s just not the typical blog structure you’d see. That is a big reason why I enjoy it – the design isn’t standard. What’s more, it works because the whole Wondering site looks sophisticated and inviting. I want to learn more about these cities, I want to go do things in them!

Travel Blog by Ivo Mynttinen

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something simple this design might be up your alley. There are a few variations provided in the Dribbble shot – check them out. But nonetheless, this blog style simply allows you to keep tabs on where you’ve been. Travel websites don’t always have to be extravagant, you know.

Jonas Arleth

Jonas has a lovely photo blog that share his travels through out America. He tells you where he’s been and is now. The blog is obviously photo centric but it’s more than that. If you actually look through some of the locations you get a great sense of the locations. It’s not about just sharing photos but sharing his experiences on his trip as his photography is that good.

Traveler blog theme by Arnas Jonikas

I love the Pinterest style card in this blog design. It takes a different approach towards showcasing different posts, which makes it a refreshing.  The cards themselves are clean and pleasant to look at. I enjoy the way the cards incorporate likes, comments and the read more link. The photos chosen for this design also work well together thanks to their similarity in tones, shades and overall colours. The design as a whole looks calm and cohesive.

Lost in the Philippines

This is a Tumbl of a young designer traveling the globe, the Philippines to be specific. What I love about this blog is the hero image. It’s amazingly engaging. The typography on it is fantastic – clean but lovely. The colours of the photo are perfect as well; the hero shot draws you in. How else would you like to be greeted into a travel blog?

Piotr Kwiatkowski

Take a look at Piotr’s blog. You will see plenty of amazing photos he’s taken on his trips. On the individual posts, like the Napa Valley one, the hero image is big and is topped off with bold typography to invite you in. The photos presented to you from his trips are fantastic – he’s really good at the whole photography things. The photos are well presented too in smaller rectangles that aren’t full width and height. The photos are still big so they show very well.

Salle Design: Photography

This is a portfolio of a French designer named Jeremy. The whole website is beautifully crafted and there is a designated section on photography where he keeps his travel photo journal. Not only does he take great photos so you can follow along his trips, the photo-centric design is well executed. The images are big and well presented while the typography is simple yet readable.

Freelance Travel Blog

Henry Brown, who put this blog together to write about his digital nomad lifestyle, runs freelance Travel Blog. I enjoy the most the tone of voice in his writing; it is easy going, simple and charismatic voice. As a reader I am able to connect with Henry and what he’s been through or the advice he’s giving out. All this is thanks to his personable tone; as you can see paying attention to what is written and how is important.

Lovely Wanderlust by Dustin Cartwright

This last design is pretty bold. The dark tones, minimalist typography, ample whitespace and vivid photographs chosen as examples are magnificent to look at. The images are aligned Pinterest style – masonry – that gives the design some diversity. I appreciate the top section of this design; the dark gray out of the image looks really nice against the crisp white typeface. Also the fade out is a nice touch.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of gorgeous designs; I also hope that you will consider traveling this upcoming year, as it will only benefit you. And if you do decide to travel I strongly encourage you to create a website for yourself to document your experience either in writing, photo sharing or combination of the two.

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