5 Free Mobile Website Builder Tools

Mobile web browsing is the next big thing in the world of website design and development. With the advent of fastidious HTML5 and CSS3 technology, which has drawn full support from the tech giants like Google and Apple, it is now very easy for the developers to optimize a website for mobile browsing. However, if you have a business to run, it does not make much sense to go and learn HTML5 and CSS3 programming in order to develop a mobile optimized website. In fact, if you do not even intend to invest in the professional development facilities, we come bearing good news for you.

Here is our list of 5 amazing mobile website builder tools that would let you own a mobile website seamlessly and in no time. These are world renowned tools and offer exceptional functionalities to a mobile website. If you cannot wait to capture the thriving mobile potential via a mobile optimized website, please go through our list, and take your pick amongst the amazing mobile website builder tools.

Free Mobile Website Builders

Wix mobile site builder

Wix mobile site builder

We strongly recommend Wix mobile site builder for building an immensely interactive and alluring mobile website. Have a random look at all the websites being developed by this particular mobile site builder tool and you would know what we mean. The websites developed by Wix boasts of such professionalism and highly advanced features that it gets hard for the viewers to tell whether the website is developed by novice amateurs or by hardcore professionals.

As an advanced mobile website builder tool, the features and offerings of Wix responds perfectly well to the needs of photographers, designers, small businesses, restaurant & hospitality sector and other niche websites. The omnipotent tool works best if you have a lot of pictures to display in your website and caters to the individualistic needs of each of your projects.

MoFuse Mobile site builder


A mobile builder tool which has got its focus right on the business, MoFuse enables the website owners to completely focus on their business. The tool allows the developers to develop engrossing mobile websites, create various call to action landing pages and various forms to capture leads on mobile. The tool also provides the possibility SMS marketing and offers a wide range of pricing plans to fit to everyone’s pocket. However, one limitation of this platform that we could find was its inhibition in providing flexible deals and coupon, required for attracting more visitors to the website.

goMobi Mobile Site Builder

goMobi Mobile Site Builder

An amazing and quick mobile website builder, goMobi helps in providing a through smart phone like experience to every mobile phone and various connected devices such as tablets etc. The tool provides 5 different templates, which can be easily customized with different features or may be used just as they are. However the app does not offer any annual plans, but puts forth a wide array of basic features such as contact features and social media integration, and also offers high customization features and reporting via Google Analytics.

MobDis Mobile Website Builder

MobDis Mobile Website Builder

With MobDis, any user can develop an expansive mobile website, without having to be a pro at coding or Css 3 or HTML 5. The entire website development process is a matter of merely 3 steps – build the basic website, enhance it with various required features and lastly, simply publish the website either with MobDis hosting or get a self hosting solution for your website. Websites developed by MobDis get full support of Android and iOS devices.

This one website builder tool for the mobile platforms offers one of the most extensive ranges of features that you may probably find in the market, along with an exclusive range of templates and an intuitive layout. However, the tool fails to offer immense support to its users as there is no customer support calling center; however you may reach the service providers via chat or mail.

YoMobi mobile website builder

YoMobi mobile website builder

Last on our list us YoMobi, another amazing website builder for the smaller screen platforms. The solution is of particular interest for businesses and entrepreneurs to wish to own a website which is scalable and mobile optimized, and at the same time quite economic. It provides various features including hosting for free, but that include advertisements. With the customized plan, you get to enjoy your own domain, removed advertisements and a highly customizable mobile website.

At its strength, we have strong fundamentals of mobile website development. However, the solution still loses out on various other important features such as RSS integration, menu integration for food joints and restaurants, coupons and videos integration etc.

This is all that we had for you today. Do let us know what you feel regarding the tools that we shared with you today, in the comments section below.


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