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We’ve heard of them all: from Pexels, Pixabay and Stocksnap to Unsplash, Adobe Stock and even Shutterstock. Half the time, looking for the perfect stock photo for our creative venture reminds us that the world isn’t always in our favor. It is, without a doubt, no easy task. Couple different licensing agreements with ridiculous pricing and you’re sure to be left in nothing but utter confusion. Of course, it isn’t helping that most of these websites are unwieldy.

Enter FreePhotos, the place where you can find quality free stock photos in a manner you wouldn’t imagine possible. And best of all, they’re free of charge.

Tell me about What is it?

FreePhotos is the place you can run to for all your stock image needs. They have a wide variety of free, creative commons photographs of only the highest quality available for either personal or commercial use, modification, or distribution.

The database is jampacked with stunning imagery of anything and everything you could think of – the niches of Tech, Beauty, Life, and Nature included.

Well, what makes FreePhotos different, then?

You see, I don’t think we’ve told you yet. FreePhotos isn’t just its own image database. It’s home to a variety of different stock photo sources. So yes, you can expect to see images you’d find in your favorite Stock Photo website, and then some – all without leaving the comforts of only one URL. That means quadruple the choices, quadruple the inspiration.

Stock Photo website

The site’s intuitive search is what makes it such a great resource for whatever you may need it for. Not only does it use an advanced algorithm to give you only the best results, it also makes for very easy browsing because of infinite imagery loading. As you keep scrolling, photos keep on appearing. If you’re familiar with Google’s Image Search, then that’s what we mean. This also makes it easy for you to go back to prospect photos and compare it with new options without having to constantly turn pages back and forth.

Each photo also comes with the name of the photographer, if you maybe want to give them credit. It is, by all means, free; but it doesn’t hurt paying courtesy. If you don’t, though, that’s completely fine. The creative commons license is here for a reason.

Really? That’s cool! Tell me more. How does it work?

Unlike other stock photo websites where people can actually upload their work, FreePhotos only allows visitors to browse and download images of their choice – more like a search engine for all the stock photo sources combined. This is possible because FreePhotos uses the APIs of different providers, housing one of the biggest image dumps in history. The enhanced search feature, randomized photo display, sleek user interface, and clean aesthetic only make the experience richer.

Search Engine Photos

No longer will you be switching from tab to tab, looking for the perfect picture for your passion project of sorts. It’s all in one place, waiting for you to discover them. Imagine having your creativity sparked in the best way, and then finding just the right shot – heaven on earth.

Download’s also never been easier with just one click. No pop-up ads, no confusing links. Just one button that saves the photo straight to your computer.

Nice. Can you give me tips to save time and land the best ones?

Glad you asked! While stock photo surfing can be fun, when you’re in a hurry, it may be kind of a burden. And before I feed you with tips, one of the foundations you should always keep in mind is knowing what you need/want. This speeds up the process by a mile.

  • Use Multiple Keyword Search. Always, always, always be specific. We can’t say this enough. Unless of course you’re still not sure what you’re looking for and you’re pretty much just going through pictures to get some inspiration.
  • Both literally and figuratively. Don’t just settle for the first thing that pops up, especially if it’s one of the first few images up top. Chances are, loads of people have already used that as well; which (kind of) takes the cake for originality. So dig a little deeper and you’re sure to find the ideal one for your brand.
  • Go for the ones that jump at you. If it grabs your attention (and only in the best way), then that’s a great sign. During this stage, you’re also only an outsider looking in. So if the photo appears as if it’s calling your name, then it will hopefully be the same for your future prospects.
  • Avoid clichéd images. You know which ones we’re talking about. You’ve probably already seen them everywhere – the silly stock photos, the overused backgrounds, stuff of the like. Making use of them without mockery is a classic stock photo faux pas. Avoid by all means.

That’s really great! But English isn’t my first language. How do I properly search if I can’t speak English really well?

Consider this your lucky day, then! FreePhotos isn’t just English central; in fact, it’s available in not one, not two, but eight languages! Making it easy for anyone to find their respective images (in their native language).

  • Fotografii Stock Gratuite
  • Fotos de Stock Gratuitas
  • Kostenlose Fotos von Bildagenturen
  • Immagini Gratis
  • Photos Gratuites
  • Бесплатные Стоковые Фото
  • Fotos de Arquivo Gratuitas

So, what’s the verdict?

In its entirety, FreePhotos is a website well worth the hype – especially if its usability is one to go by. It’s a great new way to discover the wealthy world of stock imagery. And as promised, it delivers high quality images in a no-frills environment perfect for every creative just wanting some photographs in their life.

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