Roundup of Free jQuery Carousel Plugins for Websites

The jQuery library comprises a great deal of useful stuff. You can find every functional component you need: sliders, forms, slideshows, galleries, carousels, lightboxes and much more. All of them are made by real professionals or truly devoted programmers, so most of them comply with present web requirements.

Today we are going to take a look at competent free jQuery carousel plugins, which main goal is to make your presentation vivid and attractive. Effectively showcasing images or any HTML content, you will be able to naturally push reader’s eyes towards selected items.

We have compiled free jQuery carousel plugins for websites. You will find advanced feature-rich elements and simple even a bit scanty components, but both of them serve their purpose well. The first ones can be immediately installed and used, while the second ones can act as a sound foundation for creating truly unique widgets.

Free jQuery Carousel Plugins

Bespoke is an easy-to-use micro-framework that provides you with a helpful toolkit for creating various presentations including image carousels.


Modular v4.1 is an adaptive mobile-friendly modular image carousel. With the help of this tiny jQuery plugin you will be also able to create basic sliders.

Modular v4.1

jQuery UI CoverFlow 2.0. The plugin is supplied with amazing CSS3 transforms. It helps to create carousel from covers, making your album’s presentation look realistic and interactive. It supports mousewheel interaction, clicks and keyboard navigation.

jQuery UI CoverFlow 2.0

Responsive Carousel is a lightweight script that effectively showcases your content via nifty carousel. The component ably co-works with mouse, keyboard and touch gestures.

Responsive Carousel

Responsive Image Slider is a fully adaptive slider that offers an option of carousel. Being based on a flexislider, this effective jquery plugin lets you create good-looking components. Moreover, you can explore a useful tutorial that fully explains basics.

Responsive Image Slider

carouFredSel is a small carousel jquery plugin that provides you with an essential instruments. It capably transforms any HTML content into carousel, so you can freely display images, text and any type of data.


Carousel by pqx – The component is wisely based on hammer.js, so it will produce a quite pleasant experience for touch screen devices. It is also dynamically loaded.

Carousel by pqx

rcarousel is a basic jQuery plugin for adding carousel to various websites. You can use it as a base for creating more sophisticated version.


Looper is another common carousel plugin. As the web developer claims out, the plugin is so intuitive and easy-to-use that you won’t need any extra programming knowledge.


jQuery Feature Carousel has a lovely 3-dimensional effect that gives the component a nice eye-catching appearance. It is also highly customizable so you can easily work it into any theme.

jQuery Feature Carousel

Flexisel is an updated version of the most tested and old carousel plugin. It is fully responsive, so you won’t have any problems with demonstrating your content on relatively small touch screen devices.


dbpasCarousel is a tiny jquery plugin for adding carousels to your website. Having an absolutely clean and neat appearance, it can effectively showcase images and text.


FilmRoll is a lightweight standard plugin that concentrates on one item at a time. You can use CSS properties to style as well as leverage pagination or next and prev buttons.


Waterwheel Carousel 2.2 has been freshly updated, so it is a perfect option for modern websites. It comprises all necessary features to make your experience with carousels pleasant and productive.

Waterwheel Carousel 2.2

jQuery Image Scale Carousel – As the nameplate implies, this jquery plugin is aimed to pleasantly demonstrate your images, and auto scale them to a specified height and width.

jQuery Image Scale Carousel


Carousel is an excellent variant for creating presentations on a website. You can easily and unobtrusively demonstrate any content you like including images, text, HTML-based data etc. In addition, each component includes effects that make transitions between items eye-catching and alluring.

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