Free jQuery Carousels, Content and Range Sliders

Being one of the main visual driving forces of many websites, sliders are capable of representing different types of data in an appropriate, handy and quite attractive manner. Furthermore they can efficiently bolster the theme in terms of functionality.

While conventional regular free sliders – that comprise both carousels and slideshows – are basically used for vivid demonstration of images, videos, and almost any type of content you want, the range sliders mainly concentrate on dramatically enhancing users’ experience, providing essential and easy-to-use tools for selection and setting the numeric and date/time values.

Today we are going to light up free jQuery plugins that help to build different types of sliders, such as traditional content sliders, standard image carousels and basic range sliders.

Download jQuery Carousels and Content Sliders

Liquid Slider is a slim and effective jQuery plugin for getting and fixing readers’ attention at selected artworks. It is based on HTML5 and CSS3, so you can use any HTML content spiced up with your own styles.

Liquid Slider

BxSlider is an adaptive professional content slider that is beautifully displayed on all popular monitors. You can demonstrate not only images, but also videos and even HTML content. It offers loads of configuration options for sophisticated users.


Parallax Content Slider. The Tympanus team kindly shares with its readers a high-quality component that keeps up with the latest trends and standards. They also provide a detailed tutorial that explains basics of this slider.

Parallax Content Slider

Open Carousel is a practical alternative to sliders. The lightweight simple jQuery carousel will play almost any content you like. It wisely supports an automatic generation of indicators in order to eliminate the need of taking care of creating navigation.

Open Carousel

Responsive Image Slider – Code a responsive image slider from the Impressionist UI. We will code it using the FlexSlider plugin for the functionality and style it using CSS3.

Responsive Image Slider

Magic Slider is an essential jQuery content slider that is based on Coda-Slider. It has a vertical sliding, carousel mode, and even gives you a chance to place into a single slide another slider.

Magic Slider

Revolver is a fundamental content slider that includes all basic features for showcasing your portfolio pieces in the best possible way. You can even build your own content slider, leveraging Revolver.js as a solid foundation.


Lemmon Juice is actually a regular carousel that can handle any kind of content including lists, DIVs, images etc. The main feature of this plugin is that it ably supports elements with variable widths.

Lemmon Juice

Tiny Range is a very helpful jQuery plugin that is responsible for making your work with HTML5 range elements much easier. This small lightweight plugin capably breathes life into various range sliders.

Tiny Range

RS Carousel is built with simplicity in mind. This minified carousel plugin is fully responsive; it naturally reinforces the slider component with numerous features and options.

RS Carousel

NoUISlider is another advanced jQuery component that is intended to effectively create different range sliders. It is a brand-new enhanced version that has a bunch of benefits. It is also mobile-friendly, so you can easily incorporate it into your mobile-focused projects.


tNews is a flexible content slider that supports multi categories and is created to unobtrusively display news via tabs. You can customize slider by means of XML file.


Stylish Image Content Slider – The CSS3 features that we’ll be using in this tutorial are in tests in the most recent browsers so this slider will not work in all browsers (try preview in Chrome and Safari).

Stylish Image Content Slider

Ion Range Slider is a handy versatile range slider that provides various skins and themes in order to make every component unique and appropriate. What is really important is that it effectively operates with negative and fractional values.

Ion Range Slider

Slider is a simple horizontal range slider. It provides 2 types of navigation: a standard one via mouse and an optional one through keyboard.


jQRange Slider is a truly powerful jQuery range slider that possess a great deal of options, providing users with a great functionality. You can work not only with standard numerical values but also with time and date.

jQRange Slider

Text and Images Scroll. Unlike the previous example, this plugin is quite primitive, yet it still manages to propose valuable options for displaying text and images. It is the perfect option for those who prefer simplicity in everything.

Text and Images Scroll


Sliders are really powerful and versatile components. Along with conventional standard sliders that are aimed to display images, videos and other cool stuff in a non-intrusive manner, there are also specific elements such as range sliders that skillfully extend functionality and possibilities of operation with various values.

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