20 Stunning HTML5 Based Websites

Be honest with us: have you ever thought that HTML would have the same level of animation and dynamism as the Adobe Flash has? Well, to be honest, I believed that HTML will “beat” Flash but definitely not so quickly and in such an overwhelming manner.

The latest version of HTML, the fifth one, captivated the entire web design community and the results are simply amazing. Nowadays, the percentage of the HTML5 & CSS3 based websites is totally ignorable compared to the overall number of Internet presences but in few years the situation will change. The Internet will look more appealing and HTML5 will become a common practice, therefore the future seems bright. Definitely, the complex animation, high resolution images and a higher interaction website-visitor are the “ingredients” of the websites of the future.  These are just predictions and of course and they may happen or not- nobody can predict exactly what will happen in the years that are to come.

Fortunately, there are some designers who want to bring the future closer to us and they offer us samples of what the websites of the future will look like. Instead of predictions, we are offering you 20 HTML5 based websites, which we hope will be a delight for you. These are from present day and they all look extremely beautiful. Congratulations to the creators and if you have recently launched a similar one, please let us know because we will gladly exhibit it here.

New HTML5 Based Websites Examples



Lexus is a respectable brand and its official website should respect the same pattern as the produced cars, that being luxury combined with technology and high quality. The website is simply beautiful and in full accordance with the brand values. Apparently, it isn’t a complicated website, probably to the discrete navigation panel. Judging more objectively, the website offers all the information a user needs- it’s covering all the aspects, so you may consult successfully the website instead of going to an auto dealer.


All the websites from this list, except this one, offer interesting information. Hello Run is added here mostly to help anyone interested in making a clearer idea about the power of HTML5. It’s an application that highlights the 3D capabilities of this HTML version- enjoy it because this surely is the future!

Pixel Pimps

A good portfolio has the main role to let the user admire the exhibited works. Seeing things from this perspective, this portfolio isn’t too useful to the owner because it’s almost impossible for the visitors to focus on the exhibited works due to the good looking design. I think that is way better if you visited it yourself and made your own opinion.


We are all attracted to nice page transitions or cool animated effects, but still the content is king. Thence, a good design lets the content speak for itself. If you need an example to sustain this idea, the Srgint is one of the most suitable.

Happy Days In Grey Gardens

It’s an unconventional website for a group of unconventional artists. The moving header is eye-catching and every viewer is amazed by it. The group was formed by nine women and a man, which determined the website creator to come up with a scheme that allows the viewers to listen to each member of the group.

Nobuaki Honma

Flat design is the hottest term of the year and it can’t miss from our list. RBV is an example of the “purest” flatness beauty and it demonstrated that flat won’t fade away soon. The website is enjoyable and it fully deserves to be in this select list.

Transfer Window

Football is a worldwide appreciated sport but in the last decade it became a real industry where astronomic amounts of money are invested.  Transfer Window is a well-designed website where the money spent/gained by the major European leagues is very interestingly represented from a graphical point of view. Yeah, you will be amazed by how much money is invested in football!

Decor Augarten

You will have a big dilemma when visiting this website: it’s extremely difficult to determine which side is more appealing: the beautiful design or the amazing pictures of appetizer dishes? Thinking more objectively, the website is awesome: the colour combination is superb, the fonts enjoyable and I am sure that when I will visit Austria, I will check this restaurant out.


Meet in Nov is the official website of the 9th edition of the International Business Convention for Innovation. Designing a website for this event is a great challenge- it requires a high level of originality for innovation oriented meetings. Well, the website is stunning and it clearly convinces the visitors to join the meeting. The page transitions are impressive and another strong point is represented by the rich colour combination.


A complex structure isn’t a mandatory condition for a good website. SYC is a simple website, but due to the extremely appealing design, I “was forced” to insert it into this list. SYC is the acronym of Singapore Young Choir and by visiting their official website you will find everything you need to know about them.


If you are still not convinced about the beauty of simplicity, then the next website may represent another reason to change your mind. Unlike SYC, the background is white and the creators preferred a lighter colour combination. Sunera is the portfolio of a web agency and they chose simplicity to let the visitors focus on the content which is a great idea.


This is another impressive portfolio. Personally, I fell in love with it because it’s doing exactly what a portfolio should do: it lets the visitor make an idea about the services provided by the owner.  The design is simple and subtle and every exposed item is well explained. At the same time the details concerning the type of the projects are very useful for any potential client.


It’s a very cool website that impresses due to the colour combinations used and the interesting background. It’s a modern single page website that could be clearly showcased as a very good example of how nice the flatness could be.


Your Karma is a combination of high resolution images, simple colours and good fonts, therefore nothing very special. In spite of that, it’s a superb website! The conclusion is simple: you shouldn’t create only stunning original websites; it’s enough to respect the rules of beautiful design.


This is another wonderful website that doesn’t impress with extraordinary features, still everyone will appreciate it. Undoubtedly, it’s the work of a talented designer that doesn’t want to impress. He just wants to create a usable and efficient website. In my humble opinion, he has done a very good job!

War Child

The design of this website is impressive and I strongly recommend you to do more than just visiting it. You should also donate a few dollars to the kids that are the victims of the effects of wars. Let’s hope that our small contribution will make a poor and innocent child smile.

Night Owl Interactive

Night Owl is a web design agency that creates only amazing websites and besides that, the members of this agency seem to have a strong relationship amongst them. The “About” page convinced me; they are one of the nicest people I ever saw. When talent and friendship blend together, it’s impossible not to have interesting results.


The designers created one of the most appealing landing pages for this website. Well, it shouldn’t amaze us because Temper deals with offering conversion improvement services. Did you notice the favicon? I really like it. What about you?


Duplos is the portfolio of a very original web designer. It’s a very cool idea to represent the navigational menu using floating rectangular shapes. I really like the style and the previously accomplished works!


This website is dedicated to our best friends, the dogs. Pack Dog is a wonderful creation and surely the quadrupeds must be happy with such an online presence! Undoubtedly, it is a must see website!

I hope that you will appreciate the endeavors of the website creators and consequently, you will share the post with your friends. Of course, it’s a good idea to look closer to these websites and study the techniques used because you will have a lot to learn!

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This article has been written by Daniel Pintilie, a freelance writer working for eWebDesign and Designmodo.

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