30 of the Top Most Beautiful HTML Templates

Hey everyone, the beginning of the year is a perfect time for redesigning your website. You can spend hours and days working on the design and functionality of your site.  As a result, you’ll get a working site in several months and that is no good as time is critical for any business and it is better to have the job completed as soon as possible. For this reason, we’ve prepared for you a selection of 30 of the most beautiful HTML5 themes from TemplateMonster.

All the samples are built by professional developers who have been in web design for over 10 years, so you can be sure that the products on offer ensure top of the line performance and an attractive look. Here you can find solutions for building all kinds of websites for business finance, cafe and restaurant, etc.

Thanks to a fully responsive design these templates will perform well on all screen resolutions. It will automatically change the layout, font size, paddings, etc., to make the content, menu and other blocks look clear and readable. A valid semantic code ensures higher SEO ratings and faster loading speed. Free 24/7 lifetime support is included. In case you experience any problems with installation or maintenance of the theme, contact the support center and professionals will help you with any issue. In addition you can use a 30 % promocode “HTML30OFF” on all HTML themes from TemplateMonster.

In case you are satisfied with your current site, but want to refresh it and give it a new look, check out this selection of up to date PSD templates

So, go check out all the templates.



Intense is a colossal HTML template, which totals 150+ HTML pages, 150+ PSD files, over 50 shortcodes and 2 child templates. Each page type featured in this template comes in several variations, namely: 20 blog templates, 15 portfolio pages, 10 eCommerce layouts, and more. Intense is updated regularly, so expect new pages and child templates to be released over time.

Developed with Bootstrap 3, it does not only inherit all of its features, but also adds new components such as dividers, forms, buttons, etc.

Download | Demo

Hair Salon

This template would be a perfect fit for building a top notch corporate site. It is designed in line with all modern web trends and offers an attractive look, and splendid navigation. The theme comes loaded with an assortment of up to date visual effects like parallax, hover, etc.
Demo | More Info


Thunder is a stylish one page theme that can be used for building an online portfolio. A diagonal design and animated background give this template a stylish look. It would be a perfect choice for those who are searching for a unique design and splendid functionality.
Demo | More Info


Here is a great solution for tourist and sports sites. Clean and responsive design makes the content look clear and structured on all possible screen resolutions ensuring advanced performance and navigation.
Demo | More Info

Vanilla Water

This theme can be used for building all kinds of entertainment sites. A clean and minimal layout makes the content look clear and informative and the sticky top menu ensures advanced usability and allows visitors to navigate to any sections of the site without having to scroll to the top.
Demo | More Info

Pasta and Ravioli

Use this theme for designing a site for restaurants, cafes or culinary blogs. It is not overloaded with visual effects or long lines of code. A fixed burger menu is a real timesaver that allows the creation of long lists of items and options that are revealed with just a click.
Demo | More Info

YourCV Website

This template can be used for creating a professional online portfolio. It offers a clean and structured layout with multiple galleries where users can showcase their works in the best possible way.
Demo | More Info


Polo can be used for building a top quality corporate site for any kind of business. It looks both attractive and simple. Thanks to a clean code, webmasters can adapt the theme to their projects.
Demo | More Info


This is an attractive material-design theme that is built in accordance with modern IT trends. Sticky menu ensures efficient navigation and performance of the template as the users do not have to scroll back to the top of the page to navigate to any other section of the site.
Demo | More Info

Botanic Garden

This template could be a perfect fit for designing a corporate site. Besides a clean code and an assortment of striking visual effects, this template offers flexible options that allow you to make all the changes to the site on the fly.
Demo | More Info

Cafe and Restaurant

This clean and minimal theme is a modern and professional solution for culinary blogs and restaurants. A stylish geometric design adds a personal touch to this theme. It looks both clean and professional. Thanks to a clean code, you will be able to adapt it on the fly, according to your own preferences.
Demo | More Info

Video Games

This full width template offers amazing style and functionality. On the one hand it looks simple and makes the content look clear, and on the other hand it features a clean code that ensures fast loading speed.
Demo | More Info


Here is another template with full width layout and well-organized structure. A large masonry gallery adds a touch of new style to the site.
Demo | More Info

Wild West

This template is a perfect solution for designing a compelling corporate site with a fresh design, powerful functionality and clean code. It comes loaded with a variety of features and effects like: fixed menu, sliders, hover effects, etc.
Demo | More Info

John Smith Website

Check out this template to create a stylish online portfolio that is designed to help you showcase your works in the best way. Lazy load and flyout effects ensure faster loading speed of the pages.
Demo | More Info

Music Portal

If you are going to start a music blog or any site of the same kind, this template will be quite handy for you. It offers structured and organized content. A built-in audio-player allows users to listen to music online, right on the site.
Demo | More Info


If you need a professional theme that will look both conservative and stylish, this Antique template is the right choice for that. It features all the necessary attributes to help users advertise their business or brand.
Demo | More Info


Rocky is an amazing template that offers a stylish design and top notch performance. It features a lot of blocks with parallax effect and sticky drop-down menu that transforms into a burger menu when displayed on narrow screens.
Demo | More Info


This is a great solution for cafe and restaurant sites. It comes loaded with a full range of visual effects and tools that result in unmatched functionality and faster loading speed.
Demo | More Info


This minimal template will work perfectly for building online portfolios or resumes of all kinds. It is designed to help you showcase your portfolio, bio, skills, experience, etc.
Demo | More Info

Exclusive Motors

This professional template combines several styles like diagonal, minimal and flat. In this way it can be a universal solution for designing almost any kind of website.
Demo | More Info


Hardom is a simple but powerful theme designed for creating restaurant, cafe, nightclub websites, etc. It is not overloaded with visual effects or long lines of code with the result that it has a clear look and splendid performance.
Demo | More Info


Choose this flat designed template for building business and corporate sites. Thanks to a clean code and well-structured design, you will be able to change the theme in accordance with your project or preferences.
Demo | More Info


Designed in accordance with modern web-design trends, this theme is a perfect fit for corporate or business sites. It offers a user-friendly interface and a fully responsive design that make it perform well on all screen resolutions.
Demo | More Info


Diagonal design and clean layout are two core components of this template. Coupled with a number of professional tools and effects it ensures top notch functionality and allows users to adapt it to any project.
Demo | More Info

Interior Furniture

If you are looking for an unusual design and advanced functionality, this template is exactly what you need. It offers a full range of features like flyout burger menu, lazy load, galleries, parallax scrolling, etc.
Demo | More Info

Dance Studio

Here is another clean and simple template that can be used for online educational courses, online schools, etc.
Demo | More Info

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights is a template that combines style and simplicity. A minimal layout is emphasised by blocks with animated backgrounds, galleries, etc.
Demo | More Info


Advertise your products and services with this splendid template. It offers an attractive look and powerful navigation. Thanks to flexible options you can customize it in accordance with your project specifications in no time at all.
Demo | More Info


Another top-notch theme that is loaded with a variety of visual effects and powerful functionality. It can be used for building professional corporate sites for small and mid-size businesses.
Demo | More Info


This template features a diagonal design, sticky header menu, flyout blocks and a number of other visual effects and tools that ensure enhanced performance and a compelling look.
Demo | More Info

So, go ahead, find the perfect solution for your business. Preview the samples to see all the available features. Don’t forget about the promocode HTML30OFF and save yourself a great deal of money.

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