Walking Downtown – Website Designs Featuring Illustrated City Centers

Illustration-heavy website layouts, despite of current web design tendency of creating predominantly minimal and rich multimedia designs, never cease to delight us with an exceptional fancy scenes and exquisitely refined graphics. Moreover, such artistic direction constantly follows the modern flow, and for the second year, gives its preferences to flat style illustrations that are skillfully coupled with simple yet quite nifty coloring. There are definitely no limits of vivid human imagination, so you can easily find various fresh spectacular illustrations that fall into different thematic lines.

Today we would like to draw your attention to urban drawings, especially those that feature various cityscapes and downtown areas. Though it seems that incorporation of an apparent metropolitan appeal can only bring benefits to websites that belongs to serious or huge companies/agencies with a strict business approach, in fact, insertion of illustrated downtown areas can effectively contribute to other fanciful and entertainment concepts.

They are selected as centerpieces for various online portfolios of ingenious agencies that try to catalyze creativity and stir up powerful emotions inherent to brisk cosmopolitans. Besides, they take part in visual storytelling, playing perfect background roles. So, urban illustrations can effectively assist and cooperate with numerous projects, leaving their own indelible imprint.

The list below includes various fresh website designs that feature magnificent illustrated city centers.

Let’s Yep

This is an eye-catching fully-illustrated one-page website that ably leverages parallax effect for shifting between sections. The flat style graphics in conjunction with bright coloring do leaps of joy, and effectively convey a positive urban atmosphere.


Epic has an enthralling landing page that is based on a nice soft muted coloring and a neatly-organized symmetrical image background. The combination of pleasant touches of grunge style, sketchy characters and lots of small specific decorative elements helps to create a comforting air and a right feel for the website.

Central Park Real Estate

The home page features an exceptional navigation system that is presented by means of a neat and composed illustration with a strong businesslike appearance. The drawing of a downtown is aimed to amply demonstrate various real estate options.

We Craft Apps

The website design harmoniously establishes a feeling of accuracy and modernity that is impregnated by a pleasant urban atmosphere with a help of a right combination of flat graphics, flat coloring and plenty of whitespace.

The Zebra

The front page helps to dramatically highlight the activity of the company through showcasing a clean line style illustration of a modern cosmopolitan downtown area. The clear solid color white backdrop effectively interacts with a sleek graphics, and provides the main page with extra room for breathing.

Noir et Renoir

The home page has a mystery atmosphere that instantly helps to engage users. The set of retro style watercolor illustrations is intended to effectively immerse you into an urban artistic air of Paris.


The designer capably mixes magnificent full of tones watercolor illustrations with various paper textured graphics in order to enhance an artistic side of the website. The latter, in its turn, actively encourages users to explore the city center in order to get acquainted with a statistic in a rather non-intrusive manner.

Sweet Leaf Tea

The website features lots of bright illustrations and garish graphics that help the design burst with some positive energy. The header section includes a clean illustration of downtown that is used to emphasize the urban belonging of the product.


The front page exhibits a small animated graphical scene that echoes perfectly well with the website’s nameplate. The project is dedicated to various travel issues, so it’s not surprising that the designer has chosen the downtown image as a backdrop in order to effectively reinforce the theme.


Here the sleek illustration of city center is used to naturally complement one of the main sections that is dedicated to recruiting location. The clean flat solid color graphics fit perfectly well into a clean white background.

Abrams Books

Abrams Books easily demonstrates its affiliation to the modern cosmopolitan world with a help of fully-illustrated and unobtrusively-animated home page that features a present-day brisk downtown area.


L’Interactif has put into an action an interesting idea that is aimed to vividly familiarize users with the agency. The website gives you an opportunity to virtually visit the company and take a look inside it. The acquaintance begins with a small city center.

Toasted Digital

Toasted Digital welcomes its online visitors with a pixel-perfect refined downtown illustration. The soft bluish color scheme skillfully matches the tone of the design, and effectively balances all the decorative elements.

Fresh Bar

Fresh Bar has a complicated and elaborate graphic-overloaded interface that ably embodies a digital scrapbook style, and incorporates lots of small dynamic effects. The images of the products are effectively worked into an illustrated city center.

Make your Money

The website is aimed to uncover cogent reasons of joining a credit union. Here the illustration of a city is filled with symbolism, complements the visual storytelling and helps to refer to targeted audience.

Sketch Box Design

Here the sketchy illustration of a downtown is used to emphasize and reinforce the main tagline that is placed right under it. It also serves as a main tool for establishing a nice businesslike atmosphere.


Unlike the majority of previous examples, this website design has a pleasant 3-dimensional feeling that affords a modern look to the website. The 3 main sections utilize the same kind of illustrations in order to naturally tie the whole design together.


CEZ has adopted a modern solution of creating visual storytelling. Along with a sympathetic character you will be able to vividly explore the fancy town that is filled with various informative blocks.

Lisa Gringl

The welcome section comprises a small slightly animated illustration that personally characterizes the designer, and at the same time, unobtrusively demonstrates her skills.

Costa Experience

The designer takes on a sophisticated approach of making the website look eye-catching and engaging by means of creating a fully-illustrated layout that is equipped with numerous interactive elements.


Here the website design gets straight to the point and graphically demonstrate the festival and those who can participate in it.


The urban theme definitely refers to the young, refreshing and potential one. The designers incorporate highly illustrated metropolitan scenes that allow conveying a cosmopolitan vibe spiced up with feelings of advancements, modernity and vivacity.

What feelings do illustrations of downtown evoke in regular users? What’s your favorite example? Why? Share with us your thoughts

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