20 Impressive Google Chrome Experiments

Many economy experts stated that a solution to avoid an economic crisis would be to invest massively in innovation. Having new better solutions for annoying problems seems to be the key to success. Making an extrapolation, it’s logical to ask yourself if innovation is also the best approach in web design and development. It’s a complex issue and therefore it is impossible to offer a precise answer. In fact, any statement that doesn’t contain a “π” can’t be crystal clear, isn’t it?

Anyway, you shouldn’t be good at math to understand that innovation, creativity and originality are extremely important features for web design community.  On the other hand, it’s a very slight change for a single person to have all these qualities. Fortunately, there is a place where the works of the most innovative and creative designers are exposed and admired. It’s called Chrome Experiments – it’s an online gallery where only amazing websites are showcased. These are build using HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script and the idea behind this project is to let people see how powerful these tools may be in the right hands.

Undoubtedly, these websites and web applications may convince even the most skeptic people about the power of the HTML, CSS and Java Script. We have collected only a few and shared them here for your delectation, but we strongly recommend you to visit the Chrome Experiments, too. I can guarantee that the time spent here will be a real pleasure! Anyway, check the websites below and let us know which one is your favorite!

New Examples of Google Chrome Experiments for your Inspiration

Mix.js is a very cool application destined for people enjoying DJ-ing. Few years ago nobody dared to believe that it is possible to mix music directly from the browser. Well, there is nothing more to say, enjoy this application and make your music!

It happened very rarely for Google to have the website down, but nothing man-made is perfect. Google Sphere is a website where anyone may see how Google Image is down… I believe that it is better to visit it and enjoy this creative idea. The interesting aspect is that the search engine is working; therefore you may use it without any problems.

Internet evolved with a fabulous speed, but very few people have a complete grasp about this growth. Evolution of web is a great website, which presents the key moments of the Internet evolution. To complete the idea, the evolution of the browsers and technology is presented. You will be amazed by the facts presented but also by the dynamic presentation that is simply stunning!

Flash Monkey is a wonderful website despite of the fact that is has no content! In fact this website is nothing more than a huge colourful background divided into small squares. The nice idea is that when you move the mouse, the cursor is transforming into a nice 3D sphere.

If you weren’t too impressed by the previous project, then maybe this one will have bigger chances to be appreciated. The author wanted to render the moving clouds into the browser and he has really created a cool effect. In this way, in few years we will be able to play amazing games directly from the browser.

Previously, we have had cool moving clouds; this website is a step further since it showcases some amazing cars. Yep, I have no doubt, in the near future I will be playing Need for Speed using any browser (well, to be a little bit ironically, any browser except Internet Explorer).

This website is a very interesting graphical representation of how small the Sun is and how impressive is the Universe. I am totally fascinated by the astronomy and I can’t resist to such a detailed representation of the stars and galaxies. For sure, this is a must see website!

If you want to visit Saint Jean Cathedral, you have two opportunities: going to France or admiring it using this beautiful online rendering. It’s a detailed representation of the cathedral and behind it there is a great work of the designers. Impressive job!

Typing very fast and accurate is a great ability that saves time. Some people are born with this talent while others must work hard, in order to type better. Touchtype is a nice web application which will help you type faster and more accurate. It’s a nice idea to train yourself when you are feeling uninspired.

Videosphere is a nice application that demonstrates the power of HTML, CSS and Java Script to create wonderful 3D effects. Here the designer has created a huge, moving sphere that is divided into many cubs. The metallic effect is really cool, don’t you think so?

This is another interesting web application that may relax you when taking a small break. The story of the game is simple: you must “help” a robot to land to a precise location. While the screen-play is common, the graphic is awesome and one could hardly believe that the game is working in the browser!

Zygote body is a nice website, where everyone may study the anatomy of the human body. I guess the website may be used by everyone, but the medics or students are the main public target. Well, I believe that the most impressed would be the designers that will enjoy the 3D rendering!

Sudoku is a very popular game and it was a matter of time until a designer would have created a web application that will allow people to play this game. It had already happened and the realisation is wonderful. As a result, the application was included in this exclusivist list.

The web design community classified the types of websites – we have blogs, online stores, portfolios etc. Well, this website definitely stands apart – I call it relaxing-inspiring. The designer conceived a great moving background- he imagined some dew drops that are reflecting the image of other dew drops. Usually, I don’t like at all the auto music players, but in this case I totally agree with the creator’s preferences.

Geo Guessr is an extremely dangerous application: it creates addictiveness! The idea behind this project is very simple, but attractive: the user should guess as accurate as possible a location provided by the website. A lovely idea and a good realization; visit it and enjoy guessing!

This web application is interesting and once again proves that HTML is a solution for creating dynamic images. Pitts Sp is a wonderful and detailed flight simulator; it’s a long way until reaching the quality of software, but it’s a promising start.

Maybe some people don’t like aeroplanes…well, a good idea for them would be to try Web Copter- a web application that simulates the flight of a helicopter. It’s impossible not to remark the perfect 3D rendering. Do you like it?

Everyone is scared by asteroids; these entities have the potential to destroy the human species. Fortunately, the chances that the Earth would be hit by an asteroid are insignificant. If you want to have a complete bird view over the situation of asteroids moving around our galaxy, then Asterank may offer a precious help.

Listening to music is a common relaxing activity, but playing an instrument is even more interesting. Jam with Chrome is a super cool website: you and your friends can play online instruments. Yep, you are able to create a full concert without all of you having to be together into a room. Also, the design is wonderful and the entire interface is intuitive and simple to use.

I may judge poorly, but I don’t see any utility in the military equipment production. Unfortunately, the trade of military equipment is nourishing and astronomical amounts of money are invested in this field. This website represents graphically the activity of each state – visit the website and you will be horrified by how much money are spend on “security”.

These websites are only a part of the Chrome experiments and I hope that I made you curious about their other “experiments”. In the near future, these websites will become common entities and as I previously mentioned, the situation when everyone will be able to play complicated games directly from the browser isn’t that far. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends and let us know which one is your favourite!

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This article has been written by Daniel Pintilie, a freelance writer working for eWebDesign and Designmodo.

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