Top Front-End and Back-End Technology You Must Learn for Web Development And Application

The World seems to be growing competitive day in day out and so are we! Take any job into account one of the prime requirements in any job profile is to have great technical know-how. And if anyhow you happen to land up in the web development industry, the sky’s the limit!

The measures of web applications are continually rising thus does the intricacy of the innovation required. Also, it is nonsensical to rehash an already solved problem of such advanced methods. And maybe that’s the reason why developers around the world find using frameworks and technology as a very sensible approach when it comes to building rich and interactive web applications. Technically speaking, a web application comprises a backend (server-side) and frontend (client-side approach). One can definitely get in touch with a reliable web application development company that leaves no stone unturned in turning your dream into reality in no time. So further below let’s get acquainted with the best web development frameworks to think upon. 

For Backend

  1. Express – With such skyrocketing popularity of Node.JS, Express is becoming one of the most popular frameworks these days especially among Accenture, IBM, and Uber. Being a negligible, quick, and opinionated system, express gives some center functionalities without darkening the element of Node and influences the hearty exhibition of the offbeat Node.JS.
  2. Django – This Model-View-Controller framework uses Python and is loved by many developers. Some of the best examples of Django are Google, Youtube, and Instagram. Following the convention over configuration pattern and DRY pattern, the framework is best in terms of security and implements security features like preventing code execution in the template layer.
  3. Laravel – Another interesting MVC framework that uses PHP comes with the best API support and also possesses a decent amount of packages. More and more people have started considering laravel and front-end technologies as a beginner’s heaven.

For Frontend

  1. Angular – The Angular framework specializes in building rich single-page applications. Often known as one of the most vibrant frameworks, Angular helps you in building complete client-side applications. One of the major drawbacks here is it is not SEO friendly but that doesn’t mean it cannot be SEO optimized.
  2. React – Another interesting front-end library in the web application development realm which is also considered as a framework by many developers across the globe features component-based architecture like none other. React comprises a virtual dorm which makes dom-manipulation much faster, and it is quite easy to pick up – all because of the JSX syntax.
  3. Vue – The new rising star turns out to be best in terms of a progressive framework. Furthermore, Vue likewise brings along the part engineering to play and the Vue biological system can assist you with building total frontend applications. Albeit enormous tech goliaths like Facebook and Google don’t bolster it, that is rapidly changing as large names are beginning to put resources into vue.

Inclining Web Development advancements

  • Chatbots Integration – The rising chatbot innovation upgrades your online help towards clients. It might very intrigue you to realize that this sort of innovation offers day in and day out assistance. It is increasingly functional, financially savvy and upgrades the organization’s all full-time client assistance.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – AI and ML have a splendid future in the web and application industry. It might very intrigue you to realize that settled stages like Google, Facebook and twitter are controlled by AI. Additionally, you can utilize advances like AR/VR, AI, and ML in making propelled sites.
  • Motion User Interface (UI) – Users of 2020 interest to experience sites that give them the best client experience. I mean nothing can stop a better UI from navigating with ease. Try getting in touch with a team of web developers who ensure that a website must have interactions and attractive elements, better web page layout. And here comes motion user interface into play.  

UI incorporates animated charts, background animation, hovers, and beautifully animated headers & banners.

  • Browser extension development – Using more and more third-party APIs and apps might increase your browsing experience has become an old school concept. Today, APIs seem now to be replaced by plugins and browser extensions. Tech giants like Amazon, Flipkart are seen making their users use browser extensions worldwide.  

After all, efficient businesses earn more!

  • Blockchain – Last but certainly not the least, Blockchain still seems to be buzzing around after bringing a revolutionary change in the security and data industry. Right from the financial sector to the educational sector, healthcare all are seen using blockchain technology.
  • AMP Prevails – Ever since Google seems to have increased the importance of mobile-friendly websites; responsive design methods have found their way in the mainstream showing no signs of slowing down. According to sources, Accelerated Mobile pages have contributed 7% of all web traffic. Mainly built to make the whole performance of web ads and content much better when working on the website speed and user experience.
  • Internet of Things – It is assumed that around 31 million devices will be connected in 2020. And with an unbelievable rise in the number of IoT devices will also lay a high-end effect on the web development process. Now have you ever wondered why such things happen? It happens because enterprises have the tendency to control these devices with the help of a laptop or desktop.
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Shira Gray is working as a Business Development Executive at Angular Development Company - eTatvaSoft. She writes about emerging technologies. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets.

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