10 Reasons to Like HTML5 Presentations

As you may know, there are three major competing platforms for creating animated presentations: the good old Microsoft PowerPoint, multifunctional (but yet not very flexible) Adobe Flash and all-purpose HTML5, promising to become the leader in the near future.

PowerPoint is still widely used in business and education environment, but not seriously considered software for professionally designed presentations. Since our focus here is mostly on software being developed for skilled designers, let’s stick to Flash and HTML5 capabilities overview. At the end you will see so many reasons to like HTML5 presentations, that even inveterate Flash fans will hardly be able to resist them.

HTML5: buzzword or real disruption?

HTML5 Presentations

1. Forget about additional tools and plugins. To view an HTML5 animated presentation you don’t need to download and install any extras. This is so much easier than trying to play a Flash presentation on a device which requests to update Adobe Flash plugin first.

2. Reach all iPhone and iPad users with HTML5. There is no secret that Apple Corporation didn’t support Flash technology and is not planning to. So, it became a huge problem for Flash users – they are not able to cover numerous army of iPhone and iPad users. According to 2013 website traffic marketing research, the iOS based devices remain dominants among mobile traffic sources (almost 90% of online tablet traffic comes from iPads; 63% of internet smartphone traffic initiated by iPhone owners)1.

Fact is HTML5 technology is supported by all the Apple mobile devices as well as others, that gives a great opportunity to reach a large group of iPad and iPhone users.

3. Don’t forget to make a presentation accessible to Android fans. The next most popular mobile platform after Apple iOS is Android. All the latest Samsung tablets and smartphones run on this platform. In 2013 more that ⅓ of online activity via smartphones was accomplished with Android devices1. And again, not that long ago there was officially announced that Adobe Flash would not support Android 4.1 and its later versions anymore.

Fortunately, both iOS and Android platforms are HTML5 friendly. It means that HTML5 animated presentations will be viewable on any mobile device.
The trend is that every year online visitors are literally getting even more mobile. Mobile traffic in 2013 is almost twice as much as in 2012, and its portion approaches to 25% of overall internet traffic. The same tendency is proved by research results stating that today more than 56% of adult Americans have a smartphone2. It’s time to think it over and make the right decision.

4. Share an amazing presentation through any browser. A similar issue with viewing online Flash presentations arises when it comes to Linux platform users. Adobe refused to support any browsers operated by Linux except for Google Chrome. Of course, the number of Linux fans is not as big as Windows and Mac OS users (Linux takes only 5% according to OS usage stats3), but still there is uncovered niche.

It can be said now that HTML5 presentations perfectly reach every single viewer no matter which device or browser a person uses.

5. Powerful and convenient HTML5 presentation systems make this technology even more accessible for users. Since HTML5 has proved itself to be so efficient, developers instantly brought it into the forefront. There are several HTML5 based animated presentation software competing with each other. And there has been recently announced release of Presenter by Easy WebContent. EWC Presenter successfully combines two user modes, Basic and Advanced, separated from each other. While beginners have options to choose from pre-built slide templates and animation effects, skilled designers get complete creative freedom making their own animation and design on blank canvas. A large free icon and pictures gallery makes it even much more fun!

By the way, a lot of HTML5 presentation makers offer a free online version. So, you don’t even need to pay for a nice efficient tool. That is definitely a reason to like HTML5 presentations.

6. Increase presentation viewability for search engines. Sharing a presentation online you might be interested not only to catch visitors’ attention, but also to attract search engines. Unfortunately, all the awesome looking Flash animations are nothing but a big black hole for Google, Yahoo and other search robots. Although search engines are definitely able to recognize any HTML code, which means they will see all the text used in HTML5 presentations. So, your work will not go unnoticed anymore. In fact you can use HTML5 presentations for online promotion and even SEO.

7. It’s not that hard to switch from Flash to HTML5. Most developers perfectly understand that Flash still have so many followers and devoted users. That is why top HTML5 based presentation makers have got some well-crafted features similar to Adobe Flash software. For a great number of professional designers switching to HTML5 is vital and it’s just a matter of time. Yet, it is good to know that transition would not be a big deal for a user.

8. Easy to keep it safe. There will be no lost files anymore because HTML5 presentations can be saved online on a server. You will not forget to take the file with your presentation, it is always stored on the server and a user gets the access as long as there is internet connection. There is also an opportunity to download a traditional offline version of an animated presentation. Along with that a user has an option to download slides as JPEG files or a PDF document which makes it easy to print handouts.

9. Build a presentation into a website in 3 clicks. When an animated slideshow is saved, a user has an option to generate an HTML code and paste it into any web page HTML layout. It is the easiest, safest and the most efficient way to publish presentations on blogs or websites. Additionally, there is no need to occupy client’s server because the presentation itself is already stored on a remote server just like YouTube videos are when they are embed on a website.

10. Easy to share a presentation online since it is originally saved on web. To send a presentation via email or messenger user just needs to insert the link to the slideshow. No more wasted time waiting for a file being uploaded. HTML5 presentation software also provides instruments to share your work through popular social networks with just one click.

Pure HTML5 animated presentations are modern, convenient and easy to create to due to new HTML5 tools. So it is worth transitioning to HTML5 sooner than later to keep at the forefront of technology that will likely become the future of creating visual content and presentations.

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  1. Rishikesh Somshetti Nov 23, 2013, 8:56 pm

    HTML5 presentation are definitely the future due to their device independent, browser independent nature.
    But the tools available today are require lot of patience. The quality and features have long way to go.
    But EWC Presenter is the best tool available today.

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