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weekly digest #327

# Highlights
With a gazillion of WordPress themes you can choose from, it's hard to find the right one for you. Check out our hand-picked list of the 100+ best WP themes for any niche!
Cookies alerts are supposed to improve our privacy online. But are they? If you’ve visited a new website on your phone or computer over the past 18 months or so, you’ve...
Good UX design just makes sense since the competition in the web design industry is...
Trends take new turns often enough that a product can be rendered outdated pretty...
One of the trends in graphic design that really evolved this year is line art, based on...
Podcasts are an excellent way to keep up with web design industry news, learn...
# Useful
With the new CSS Motion Path module, we can create fancy path animations using...
Get excited, because we’re back with a follow-up installment of famous logos...
React Three Fiber
React renderer for Threejs, web and react-native.
React Spring
A spring physics based React animation library.
A collection of paged media polyfills.
Web Audit
Audit your website for proper formatting.
Lighthouse CI
Automate running Lighthouse for every commit.
A new way to manage digital colors.
A static site generator for Swift developers.
A debugging tool for React Suspense.
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