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weekly digest #326

# Highlights
Advance your career with the User-Centered Design (UX/UI) online certificate from Parsons
With big brands and niche companies all opting for subtle updates, it’s time to wonder: Are major brand overhauls a thing...
Twelve Bootstrap columns, five breakpoints, and Flexbox are what underlies the iconic...
Experimenting with the idea of building a lightweight grid system based on CSS Grid.
The opportunity to begin Weird Web 2.0 is an exciting and plausible one especially...
Design leaders share predictions about the coming sea change that is product design.
# Useful
Pricing tables are an important part of any website that sells some kind of services...
Get excited, because we’re back with a follow-up installment of famous logos...
Ant Design
A design system with values of nature and determinacy...
The world’s leading color naming platform
React hook
A collection of beautiful React hooks to speed-up your...
A lightweight Exif meta-data decipher.
Mass Code
A free and open source code snippets for developers.
Lo-fi, powerful, community-driven string manipulation...
Standard tooling for Vue.js development.
Form Vue Latte
Library that allows you to generate schema-driven forms
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