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weekly digest #316

# Highlights
Join now! 5 lucky people will get a multiple license for QuillPro Admin Dashboard template.
First and foremost, a whopping number of releases of the Gutenberg plugin is going to be merged into the core...
The greatest mistake of retailers is to think that Thanksgiving email newsletters are...
As a designer, the centerpiece of your professional presence online is your portfolio
The saying that “good design is obvious” is pretty damn old, and I am sure it took...
You will learn how to achieve interesting looking hover effects with image distortions
# Useful
Card layouts are popular on the web, rows and columns of boxes with similar content...
People give off many emotions, even subtle ones, that help you determine relative...
Tina CMS
Build real-time editing into your site.
Real-time code collaboration inside any IDE.
Font manager of the new generation, built by designers...
Component styling with no performance penalty for React.
Rest Hooks
Making dynamic sites performant, scalable, simple
It's never been easier to document your things!
Reusable JS library for creating sketchy/hand-drawn styled...
Flat, simple and hackable color-picker
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