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weekly digest #314

# Highlights
Getting access to 450+ stunning pre-built websites with 1 click must be illegal, right? WRONG! It’s just Be Theme’s pre-built website gallery - ready for you to customize!
So, you want to join the league of evil designers? Come in, sit down. Is the chair uncomfortable? Good. Let’s go through your application...
Learn how to create a geometrical scene with a depth effect using the Blurry library...
Practice routines and rituals so you could get into the habit of being productive...
A brief about why every site needs microcopy and how you can write it, even...
Most of the tools and approaches for optimizing images for the web.
# Useful
You can get a reference to any inspected element from the console by right-clicking...
A few rules of thumb for designing with charts and graphs...
Fast 3kB alternative to React with the same modern API.
Scout App
The easiest way to process Sass and SCSS to CSS!
Consistent theme based CSS for styled-components
Rapidly describing and deploying test cases
Self-hosted and open-source backend server for web
A set of tools designed to orchestrate micro-frontend apps
Test if your buttons have enough contrast.
Static Forms
Simple HTML form for your website.
# Freebies
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