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weekly digest #311

# Highlights
Need a reliable, fast AND affordable web developer? Look no more: GoodieWebsite matches you with the web dev of your dreams ♥ Check out their crazy-low rates here!
PromoRepublic shows the way on how to save up to 93% time on social media managing processes whether you are a Freelancer, Small Business or an Agency owner. 14 days of free trial available!"
Buttons are among the most popular interactive elements of a user interface...
I wanted to share what I've learned and the process that goes into it, allowing all...
To meet this challenge and emerge victoriously, we have prepared a guide on...
If we compare it to traditional programming, it means that we let computers identify...
# Useful
Don't read that headline and get worried. I don't think CSS is a particularly dangerous security concern and, for the most part...
CSS variable is amazing is because it is dynamic. But one of its weakness is that it cannot be transitioned, if you try to animate
Helps developers collaborate with designers.
Slack reminders and notifications for GitLab.
Can I email
Support data contributions by the wonderful email geeks.
Build accessible React apps & websites.
Windows system utilities to maximize productivity.
JS framework for building Single Page Applications.
Single Spa
A javascript framework for front-end microservices.
Flawwwless ui
Components library to help you to create applications
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