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weekly digest #309

# Highlights
PSDgator takes your PSD, AI, Sketch or PDF designs and converts them into a hand-coded responsive markup. For fast work & a focus on detail, try their services now!
Upskill yourself in UX design and earn industry-recognized course certificates. Get 3 free months of learning in your first year!
Here’s how you can avoid feeling fried, and what...
FrameCount is global, and managed by processing...
People often think of Dark Mode as a choice between...
When it comes to the Bootstrap grid, there is nothing complicated whatsoever like...
With motion design exploding, you don’t exactly have to be a trained animator to...
# Useful
Those things aren't just theoretical to help with understanding and debugging...
A contract helps streamline your work around a schedule as well as all those...
SVG Artista
A tool that helps you animate stroke and fill property.
Easier way to build and share serverless applications.
A simple and modern eBook viewer.
Self-hosted newsletter + mailing list manager
Chrome extension for react debugging and time travel.
Coolest Gradient Hues and Swatches.
Prototype & export React + Redux + Typescript apps.
Radial Menu
A highly customizable radial menu that's very easy to setup.
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