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weekly digest #307

# Highlights
They’re REAL! And it’s all thanks to Houzez, the customizable real estate WordPress theme based on Elementor & WP Bakery. Try this drag-and-drop gorgeous theme here!
Join Hired, the #1 job marketplace for designers + software engineers. Where companies like WeWork, Dropbox & PayPal will apply to you.
For instance, many of you know that double-spacing...
Bootstrap modal is one of the easiest and handiest...
A successful website is made up of many components...
Occasionally people will leave useful critiques or tips on tutorials that can help...
Avoid the common pitfalls of using third-party scripts to improve load times and...
# Useful
The co-location of templates and functionality, à la most JS frameworks...
There is no build step requirement, but remember this is experimental and will...
Get Waves
A simple web app to generate svg waves, unique every time
A static site generator with a modern development workflow
Contrast Swatch
Image microservice for color contrast information.
Lighthouse Bot
Run Lighthouse in CI, as a web service, using Docker
Web-based tool to create perfect codebase for your project
A prototyping tool that allows developers to dynamically create and visualize apps.
IE11 CSS Variables
A real polyfill for custom properties in IE11.
GitHub Actions
Now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories
# Freebies
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