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Stunning Articles
Kat Holmes: Rethink What Inclusive Design Means
Kat Holmes is helping other designers to rethink inclusive design not as a remedy for…


Graphic Design Podcasts That Matter to Your Progress
We’ve gathered together to bring you our recommendations on worthy design podcasts..
Drop Caps & Design Systems
A drop cap is often used to signify that the reader’s…


The Perils Of Functional CSS
The practice of using small, immutable and explicitly…


How to Section Your HTML
Here is a brief explanation of each sectioning element and
Postcards: MailChimp Integration, Image Hosting, Preview
We want to share three important features we…


Reduced Motion Picture Technique, Take Two
Did you see that neat technique for using the…


How to Link Your WordPress Site with Your MailChimp List
Mailing lists are often dismissed as an outdated…
Useful Stuff
Thinking Beyond Screens
In the attention economy, we’re all fighting for our users’ attention, here’s how to avoid…


The CSS Mindset
The important part is to know which styles belong on the global scope and which are…
The native bridge for cross-platform web apps.


A simple global currency and financial infrastructure.


Photo Creator
Choose from thousands of models, objects and…
Darkmode JS
Add a dark mode to your website in a few seconds.


A different mailto: more possibilities, less spam.


Build accessible rich web apps with React.
Free Resources
Uno Templates for Social Media
This pack features 8 Photoshop templates suitable for Facebook and Instagram.


Drag and drop app with 8000+ free icons
A free app that you can use to prototype at the light of speed, it includes 8000+ free icons…
Silver Foil Textures
The glow of 12 silver textures was brought to you and…


Orcaros Keynote
A minimalist presentation template, perfect to use for…


Wrap Mug Mockup
This wrap mug mockup was made for you to use it in…
Monogram Font
This monogram creator is your pass to the world of…


Giselle Font
Amazing hand written font created by Nana Nissa.


Basier Mono
It includes 2 families and 16 styles.
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