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Stunning Articles
Take Your Web Design to the Next Level With Elementor
Put your passion for design into practice using Elementor's simple, powerful & flexible page building tool kit.


Bildr Studio: Design + Development, Together At Last
New platform that seamlessly combines visual design and the power of a full development environment. Design, build, publish.
Fighting a Creative Block As a Daily Challenge
Facing a creative block is absolutely fine, and you are likely to come down with it...


Get Core, a Front-End Feature Kit, Free By Mason
Core is the latest evolution in UI kits—built entirely in React. Get it free from Mason!


Image Distortion Effects with SVG Filters
Three distortion effects powered by SVG filters that are applied to an image...
7 Things to Look For in a Website Builder for Your Next Project
If you are debating which website builder to use, than...


The Basics of Drawing Type & Creating Your Own Handwritten Font
How you can create a font from your own handwriting...


Add Payment Gateways to Your WooCommerce Store
Configure two of the most popular payment gateways...
Useful Stuff
Planning for Responsive Images
Image delivery has evolved from a simple addition of URLs to the src attribute to...


7 Tricks with Resting and Spreading JavaScript Objects
Here are six lesser known tricks when using rest and spread with JavaScript objects.
An Introduction to Web Components
Web Components consist of three separate technologies...


Design An Accessible Color Scheme
Being able to see text is a big factor in being able to read...


Manipulate CSS Colors with JavaScript
Both the RGB and HSL color models break down a color...
Plugin to create smooth & beautiful animations when...


Lightweight UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma.


Styled Vue
Use dynamic styles in Vue single-file components.
Free Resources
Adobe Xd Fitness Website Template
Created by Ebuildix this Adobe Xd fitness website template called Nutrifit will help you...


The Most Comprehensive Collection of Charts
The most comprehensive collection of charts, graphs and diagrams for Sketch.
Grunge Textures
12 handmade textures features dust, speckles, grain


Outdoor Icon Pack
You head on your next long-awaited adventure and your...


Galaxy S10 Mockups
A couple of free mockups for Photoshop and Sketch that...
Iknu Font
A free for personal use font created by Bernardo R.


Reno Mono Typeface
Minimal and contemporary font contains a very simple...


Kenarock Font
An outstanding serif font created by Undercoster.
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Nimva 3 - The Best Drag & Drop Multi-Purpose WP Theme - $27


Feltro Handmade Brush Script with 9 Styles - only $14
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