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Stunning Articles
Piecing Together Approaches for a CSS Masonry Layout
Masonry layout, on the web, is when items of an uneven size are laid out such that there...


New horizons in CSS: Houdini and the Paint API
Houdini gives developers access to the CSS object model (CSSOM) for the very first time...
How Will You Design In 2019?
Expectation/reality are never the same things, and what we


Converting Color Spaces in JavaScript
We’ll study functions that will be useful for converting both


Create Animated Mesh Lines
Find out how to animate and build these lines to create...
Animation Principles For UX And UI Designers
Animation is a method in which individual images are...


What Are Photoshop Actions and How to Install Them
This video will show you why PS Actions should be an...


The Great Balloon of User Experience: From UX to Product Design
From being an Information Architect to UX Designer to...
Useful Stuff
8 Little Tricks To Grow Your Career
Whether you’re a designer or someone in any creative field, these are a few bite-sized pieces


7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI - Part 1
UX designers who want their portfolio to look better than a Pentagon PowerPoint or UX...
React Kawaii
A library of cute illustrations that are easily customisable...


Static Site Boilerplate
A better workflow for building modern static websites.


Fukol Grids
A lightweight, breakpoint free, completely responsive grid...
Anime JS
Animation library with a simple, yet powerful API.


Enables you to collect, parse, and view HTTP requests.


The markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.
Free Resources
Blockchain Vector Icon Set
Graphics will suit designers who need to create a design for a financial site, application or any...


Childhood Flat Icons Set
Go back in time to the most carefree period of your life with the set of flat icons.
Pages UI Web Kit
This kit contains 20 unique page designs and over 70...


Holographic Gradients
These versatile gradients can be used for both digital and...


40 Illustrator Brushes
A huge compilation of 40 free Illustrator brushes.
Gutenberg Font
Sketchy inky edges, 296 glyphs and multi-language...


Grandfather Script
A handwritten brush script font by 1871 Project.


Biasachxua Typeface
This typeface has supported for Vietnamese and many...
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